Martha Zoller’s Last Show

Martha Zoller will be wrapping up her radio show today in order to become a full time candidate for Congress.  She will be facing Representative Doug Collins and Jackson Commission Chairman Hunter Bicknell – and perhaps others – in a primary for the open 9th Congressional district.

This race, along with the primary in the 12th, promise to be among the most interesting for the inside baseball crowd for Congressional primaries.  We’ll be stepping up our coverage of these races as well as the others that materialize in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, if you need one more fix of Zoller as a radio host, you have between 9am and Noon today at Bulldog 103.7. 

Final guests scheduled to appear include Casey Cagle (9:07), Chip Rogers (9:30), David Ralston (10:15), Tom Coburn (10:30), Newt Gingrich (10:45), and Lynn Westmoreland (11:15).

And then the campaign begins at noon.


  1. mountainpass says:

    I hope she asks Ralston why the “comprehensive gun rights bill” he wanted last year was kept from being voted on in the House….heck any of them.

  2. mountainpass says:

    She must read the Pundit……She asked! Thanks Martha!

    It appears the problem is the NRA wants to add the “parking lot” language to any carry bill. It takes away private property rights of a business owner. This is something Ralston objects to, and perhaps worries he can’t trust the Senate.

  3. R.K. Frank says:

    As an individual who resides in Ga.’s newly created 9th Congressional District I am very grateful that Martha Zoller has decided to run for public office. With all the problems this country is currently facing it is imperative that we the people have a fighter for us. Martha Zoller is unquestionably the right person to represent my district in Washington D.C. A great example of Martha’s fighter mentality comes to fruition in her legislative agenda – M.A.P. for Prosperity – which is based firmly on conservative principles. Zoller is the only candidate who has put forth a comprehensive plan which illustrates her desire and determination to get this country back on the right track.

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