George Hooks To Retire From Senate

Tom Crawford via Jim Galloway is reporting that George Hooks has decided to retire rather than compete against fellow Democrat Freddie Powell Simms.

Hooks’ future was the subject of much speculation during Sine Die, and even those close to him were someone confused as to the interpretation of his remarks on the last day of the 2012 General Assembly as to whether he planned to return as a Senator.  He has now removed any doubt.

“I’ve got 32 years up there,” Hooks said in a phone interview Friday. “I’ve been floor leader, rules chairman, appropriations chairman, involved in designing the new state flag. It’s been a good run.”

Hooks’ Senate District 14 in southwest Georgia was a victim of stagnant population growth and was eliminated during the reapportionment process last year.

“When I saw the census figures – every county I represented lost population,” Hooks said. “I had nowhere to turn.”

Hooks was the “Dean of the Senate”.  Others will no doubt soon tell in the comments section who that title will now fall upon.


  1. Mid Georgia Retiree says:

    Senator Hooks will be missed. He tried to do what was right for Georgia and his district, without regard to political party. Thank you, Senator.

  2. Ed says:

    Buzz can’t get no respect…. its been in his spreadsheet since, at least Tuesday (the first and last time I looked at his open source project).

  3. saltycracker says:

    A politician in one seat for decades being a good thing would be akin to picking the winning lottery numbers – pretty darn unusual.

  4. Tiberius says:

    I vote for Jack Hill as the new Dean. He has had the thankless Approp Chairman job long enough to merit the title.

  5. SallyForth says:

    George Hooks is a great gentleman and statesman whose jersey should be retired – nobody else can do it the way this Senator has. Let’s don’t jump right to “The king is dead, long live the king” antics. Thank you, George Hooks, for your years of dedicated public service and being a fine repository of Georgia history.

  6. Pamdavidson says:

    George Hooks- what an asset to the Senate. He had a long memory which was quite helpful when a bit of history was needed in order to inform members of the dynamics/facts regarding subject matters. A true Southern Gentleman- and there are few of them left!

  7. polpol says:

    The true southern gentleman of the Senate…..dependable, truthful, with class, humility and integrity….he will be missed…..his love and grasp of history and the institution was an inspiration for us all to watch….and his interpretation of Gene Talmadge was one of those priceless events to watch and savor….he was consistently able to rise above the partisan bickering and be the true statesman that the Senate will sorely miss……he cannot and will not be replaced…..God Bless you Senator George Hooks…..

  8. TigerLily says:

    Senator Hooks will be missed. His institutional knowledge was beneficial to both sides of the aisle. The title of Dean of the Senate will now fall to Senator Steve Thompson. It is based on years of service and he is next in line for being in the chamber with the most number of years under his belt.

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