Brandon Beach Annouces Run Against Senate Majority Leader; Rogers Fires Back With Endorsement Of Beach’s Former Campaign Manager

Brandon Beach, President of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce who came up just short in his bid against John Albers last cycle, has formally declared his candidacy for a re-drawn senate district now held by Majority Leader Chip Rogers, as was previewed here a few days ago.

Rogers, meanwhile, countered the announcement with one of his own.  Former State Senator and GOP Chairman Rusty Paul, who served as Beach’s campaign manager for his 2010 run.

We’ll have dueling press releases in full below the fold.  As you can tell by the early sparring, this one is likely to get interesting.

Brandon Beach announces Campaign for State Senate District 21

Brandon Beach announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for State Senate District 21 today. Beach comes to this race with real experience as an effective leader with a keen ability to represent the community’s needs. As a leader and advocate in his community and Greater Atlanta he has worked diligently to bring sorely needed relief to residents. He advocated for more jobs in North Fulton and effectively got them, even in this recession. Beach’s efforts to increase the homestead exemptions led to significantly lower taxes for Alpharetta homeowners. As a member of the State Transportation Board, Beach has brought vital traffic relief solutions to Cherokee and North Fulton Counties.

“We need leadership with integrity in the State Legislature. More importantly the people of Cherokee County and North Fulton need effective representation, we need a Senator that is responsive to the people of the 21st district; a Senator who is solutions-driven.  I believe I have the experience necessary to provide this leadership.” said Beach.

Beach, no stranger to public service was elected as a member of the Alpharetta City Council.  He served on the council from 2000-2004. Since he left council Beach has served as President/CEO of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce where he fought for local businesses and economic growth.

Beach added, “I am proud of my work leading the charge to increase Alpharetta’s homestead exemption to one of the highest in the state; which resulted in significantly lower taxes for every homeowner.

Since 2008, Beach has served as the 6th District Representative on the State Transportation Board, elected by legislators in North Fulton, Cobb, and Cherokee counties. He is still a member of the Board.”    “Serving on the State Transportation Board is an honor and it has enabled me to meet many leaders in both the public and private sector. The 6th District has seen many transportation improvements; two recent examples are the opening of Westside Parkway in Alpharetta and the interchange at I-575 and Rope Mill Road which is currently under construction.”

“I’m a conservative, solutions-based leader who believes in lower taxes, less government and local control.”

While acknowledging that creating jobs and strengthening the state and local economy is his highest priority, Beach says there are a number of other issues, notably improving education, and transportation infrastructure, which he believes are important to the people of the 21st Senate District.

The foundation of our community is providing excellent education. Beach said, “We have excellent schools in Cherokee County and North Fulton because of dedicated parents, teachers and principals. Cherokee and North Fulton need a Senator who is an advocate for improving and sustaining our children’s education.”

He continued, “My opponent cloaks his top down, Washington-like control of education with terms like ‘educational freedom.’ Real educational freedom is allowing teachers to teach and principals to manage schools. School boards and the parents that elect them know what is right for their school district, not bureaucrats in D.C. and Atlanta.”

Brandon and Shuntel, his wife of 28 years, are both residents of North Fulton. They have two children; Courtney a graduate of the University of Georgia and now a law student at College of Charleston and Hunter a golfer at North Georgia College. Both children are graduates of Milton High School. The Beach’s’ are long time active members of the Alpharetta First United Methodist Church. They are also natives of Louisiana.

“We came to Atlanta 20 years ago, because Louisiana had lost its way. The politicians squandered opportunities to invest in education, transportation and lay the foundation for economic development. I want my children to have the choice to return to the 21st Senate District to raise their families, not to be forced away because the politicians failed to step up. The citizens of the 21st district deserve a Senator that will work hand in hand with their other elected officials to get things done at the Gold Dome. The people of the 21st District deserve a Senator that is approachable and in touch with the needs of the community.”

Beach says that he was approached by numerous people asking him to seek office because the 21st District has not been effectively represented in the State Senate. Something he says needs to change immediately.

“I’ll bring a new approach to representing our District. By understanding the needs of business and job growth as well as understanding the inner workings of government, I will provide effective solutions-driven leadership for our citizens.”


Senator Rogers Endorsed by Beach’s Former Campaign Manager

Alpharetta– Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers announced the support of former State Senator and State Republican Party Chairman Rusty Paul.  Paul also served previously as the campaign manager for Brandon Beach a rumored but yet announced or filed candidate for the 21st Senate District.

“I’ve worked with Sen. Rogers for over a decade.  While some people claim to be conservative, he’s the walking, talking, living, breathing real thing.  Plus, he’s a committed problem solver who is unbelievably adept at developing workable solutions that get the job done without chewing up taxpayer dollars in the process” Said former State Senator and Republican Party Chairman Rusty Paul, Beach’s former campaign manager.

Previously the campaign released  unanimous support of the Republican members of the Fulton County delegation.  The 21st Senate district is now comprised of parts of Cherokee County and the cities of Milton and Alpharetta in North Fulton County.

“I am blessed to have the support of numerous conservative leaders around my district and our state. Rusty Paul is one of those leaders and I am proud to have his endorsement. Rusty, and conservatives across District 21, have rallied to my steadfast leadership in support of smaller government, lower taxes and educational freedom and choice. People are fed up with perennial candidates desperately seeking titles. Like Rusty, the people of Cherokee and Fulton have enthusiastically embraced my consistent and bold leadership for our conservative values. I will continue to stand strong for them and our shared conservative values,” said Senator Rogers.

Senator Rogers has earned a reputation for being one of Georgia’s strongest advocates on behalf of taxpayers.  Rogers has also become a national leader for the pursuit of educational freedom, giving students and parents more opportunity and choice.

Senator Rogers serves as Georgia’s Majority Leader in the State Senate being elected by his peers unanimously.  Over the coming weeks Senator Rogers’ campaign will continue to release lists of business, political, and local leaders joining his “Campaign for a Better Georgia”.



  1. foray1 says:

    Does Chip not know where this district is? Rusty lives on the south end of Sandy Springs.

    Also, wasn’t he the former political consultant who had to close his shop after he went on vacation the week before elections without internet access.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Mr. Beach is a nice guy but his heavy involvement with MAVEN and strong support of T-SPLOST will cost him the tea party vote..

    Sen. Rogers has stated multiple times at events when asked that he personally opposes T-SPLOST…

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Did Rogers vote for the bill that setup this T-SPLOST farce?

      Because there are many so-called “conservative” legislators from Cobb, Cherokee and North Fulton counties who did vote to go along with Sonny Do-Nothing’s farcical scheme to setup T-SPLOST votes all over the state that now claim they are against it because they don’t like what’s on the list (and because their constituents ripped them a new one for voting to setup this costly pathetic joke of a so-called transportation investment).

    • Will Winners says:

      Chip talks out of both sides of his mouth, he voted in favor of the T-SPLOST TWICE. I understand there is a video of him touting his support. As the Senate Majority he had the power to stop that legislation. Not only did he not stop it, He voted YES!

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        In other words, Rogers TWICE voted FOR the $7.2 billion T-SPLOST before he was personally against it.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Or did Rogers TWICE vote FOR the $7.2 billion T-SPLOST because he was personally against it?

        Either way, I’m sure that good ‘ol Chip has a really good explanation for his two votes in favor of this substantial giveaway of tax money to developers, roadbuilders and now railbuilders.

        • Will Winners says:

          Here in Cherokee we refer to Chip as Mr. Teflon – NOTHING STICKS
          He even tried to sell us the story that he sold the Meth Hotel so he was no longer responsible for the debt. If that’s true why did he sign the security deed to modify the loan to half of what he originally borrowed?

          He needs to be called on the carpet for his false statements. NO ONE can sell anything with a lien on it until they either satisfy the lien – Not even the almighty powerful Mr. Teflon.

          • debbie0040 says:

            I don’t see Sen. Rogers out campaigning on behalf of T-SPLOST or have strong ties with MAVEN. Constrast that with Mr. Beach…
            Sen. Rogers and many others have questions to answer about their votes. I have a hard time supporting someone that is out campaigning on behalf of T-SPLOST ….

            I also think the Chamber has far too much power in the GA Legislature already..

            • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

              Money = Power in politics and the Chamber has the most of it to put towards manipulating the legislative process.

              Money is the “Mother’s Milk” of politics, and don’t you ever forget it.

            • CCFRG says:

              Debbie- don’t know how the Tea Party could support a candidate who went into court and blamed the bank for giving him a loan after he signed a personal guarantee.

              In turn when the bank failed a stress test, had to be liquidated and bailed out they put blame on the 2M owed by Rogers and Graves.

              I thought the Tea Party was for personal responsibility and opposed to bailouts.

              While you might disagree with the T-Splost, isn’t integrity and character more important. I think Chip’s issue with the bank is bigger than anything Don Balfour has done.

              • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                But what Rogers and Graves did in regards to that loan for that hotel isn’t really all that bad because they’re politicians who have the (R) after their names.

                Plus Rogers and Graves have cloaked themselves in the Tea Party movement, which makes everything like absolutely totally okay.

                It’s a valuable lesson that other politicians who may possibly find themselves being held accountable for past ethical transgressions would do well to learn.

                Just align yourself and your political career strongly with the Tea Party movement and you’re good.

                Hey if it works for Rogers and Graves, it can work for any other politician…But you’ve got to make sure to have the (R) after your name.

  3. ryanhawk says:

    “Real educational freedom is allowing teachers to teach and principals to manage schools. School boards and the parents that elect them know what is right for their school district, not bureaucrats in D.C. and Atlanta”

    Mr. Beach I have a few simple questions for you.

    1. You say educational freedom means teachers teach and principals manage, but you don’t mention parents or students. What does educational freedom mean for parents and students?
    2. You mention school districts, but not students. Who should make decisions for students in District 21 — parents or politicians and bureaucrats? Do you really believe govt. knows better?
    3. If government bureaucrats should assign children to schools, should government bureaucrats also assign the hospitals our children are born in and the doctors they see? What’s the difference?

    • UpHere says:

      It seems that he is against the charter school amendment and charter schools in general which would be ironic since Jan Jones is highly involved in the movement as is Chip.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Reads like we are lining up to vote for who we perceive to be the lesser of the evils !
    That seems to keep career politicians in place. We just keep on re-electing…..

    Term limits – Chip can run for another office, maybe one that pays better.

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