T-SPLOST Text Poll: 1 Number, 1 Vote

In crunching today’s numbers it appears we have a limited few who have a lot of time on their hands and are attempting to skew the numbers.

Please be advised that the final results will strip multiple votes received from the same number.

1 phone, 1 vote.

To register your opinion (once) on the upcoming T-SPLOST initiative, just text TPPP to 28748.

You will then be asked to indicate if you support the T-SPLOST with a 1) No 2) Yes or 3) Undecided response.

Standard text messaging rates apply.


  1. Newtster says:

    Would you consider posting some of the facts behind T SPLOST from time to time, so that your poll would actually reflect an informed choice rather than someone voting who has only seen the various promotional messages, either pro or con ? Subscriber’s could submit the material with a direct cite to either the law or the GDOT web site to ensure that printed material is, indeed, factual. An example of what your readers should know is that 52 percent of the Metro Region projects are mass transit projects, but the tax is being presented as relieving road congestion. A project plan constructing more transit assets will create an asset base that will require more maintenance and operating subsidies, which your reader should consider when evaluating the claim that T SPLOST is ONLY a ten year tax. With only a 5 percent user rates in the Metro area, mass transit will surely need ongoing subsidies.

    • Charlie says:


      We’ve never posted facts about T-SPLOST here.


      We only run polls.

      We’ve never posted any of the articles about how it came about, the project list, who is funding the promotion campaign for it, How Fulton/DeKalb taxpayers will be paying double and yet lose governance of the system they’ve paid billions for, the problems with far suburban counties feeling like it’s just a transit program, The Sierra Club calling it a roads program, The viceral reaction to HOT Lanes and what that might mean for T-SPLOST, the buck passing by the former Governor and 2010 legislature that created this can-kick of responsibility, or how “leadership” squandering a half billion dollars on a new stadium while then going to taxpayers screaming “you must raise taxes for the economic well being of the region because there is no plan B” is a perversion of priorities.

      No, we only post polls here.

      Look around the site and don’t be a dolt.

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