Morning Reads for Thursday, May 10th

Here in Georgia…
– Eugene Volokh weighs in on the lawsuit by Rashad Richey.
– On the clock county employees testified in court for an embattled Fulton County tax assessor.
– Henry County blogger Joanie Scott introduces Rep. Paul Broun.

National stories of interest…
– President Obama has come out in favor of gay marriage.
– Romney reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage.
– Tax Hike Mike for Vice President?
– Taxpayers are shelling out hefty chunks of cash for ex-presidents.
– A new report shows that the buying power of Hispanics is $1 trillion.
– Ron Paul’s delegate strategy may finally be making the GOP nervous.
– Big Labor hasn’t had much luck against Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin.
– The Club for Growth has turned its attention to the Texas GOP Senate primary.
– Support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped to another new low.
– Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame may run for Mayor of Chicago.
– Michele Bachmann is now a Swiss citizen.
– Was this past weekend a new dawn for the Libertarian Party?

A few that I like…
Cubs: 1, Braves: 0
– Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed the Earth.
– Clark Howard says that auto insurance rates may be coming down.
– “Butt dial” calls account for 40% of accidental 911 calls in New York.


  1. Andre says:

    I wonder, if Tom Morello were elected Mayor of Chicago, would he say to the city council, “F**k you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

  2. Jimmie says:

    Congressman Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is no secret. It was put out in the open very early in the process. The MSM dismissal of anything Paul is the reason this seems to be a surprise to the establishment.
    Pres. Obama’s pandering to the pro same-sex marriage crowd, is further proof of how much of a fraud he is. The Country is clearly divided by this issue, almost at 50%. Romney against, now Obama for. Paul doesn’t agree with it, but understands it’s no business of the Federal Gov’t. Why would it be the business of the Federal Gov’t what you decide to do in your private life? As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or break laws. Are people’s sex lives in the bedroom regulated by Fed. Gov’t?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Pres. Obama’s pandering to the pro same-sex marriage crowd, is further proof of how much of a fraud he is.”

      Obama is an uber-liberal who cut his political teeth in Chicago. Is it really all that shocking that he “came out” in favor of gay marriage, especially when there is proof (from a 1996 political questionaire he filled out where he expressed his support for gay marriage) that that was his real position all along?

      • Jimmie says:

        His sitting on the fence about it is what bother me. I don’t care whether he is for or against it. Him being a chicken sh*t about coming out about it, (no pun intended) shows no conviction. Same goes for the missile defense situation with the Russians. Give me some time until after the Election. I’m embarrassed to even say I voted for him in 08. The guy has done nothing but do the opposite of what he campaigned on, and strip American’s of many of their Constitutionally protected rights.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          Hey, it’s like what Herman Cain said, America knew he was a snake with a distinct socialist and even possibly Islamist background when they voted for him in 2008, America can’t be mad because the snake that they voted for bit them.

          But then again with the two Presidents before him being a womanizing sex addict (Clinton) and a financially-illiterate “big-government conservative” moron who could barely count, read or speak (Bush 43), why wouldn’t the country elect a big-spending, big-government communist with a possible Islamic background (they don’t exactly practice that separation of church-and-state thing in Indonesian schools) and put him in charge of a free-market economy scale that functions best when government is LIMITED?

          It’s not like the American people are batting 1.000 when it comes to choosing Presidents.

          • Jimmie says:

            I agree, but Pres. Obama had the benefit of having no history to be exposed or be judged on. The fact that Millions are still being fooled by him is scary. I appreciate the lesson learned though. I no longer trust my Gov’t., and no longer think that my Gov’t should take care of me from cradle to grave. I have trouble even rationalizing the thought process of Liberals now. The last 12 years have enlightened me on the whole thing.

            • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

              Oh, he had some history that was documented and exposed.

              Remember the “Honorable” Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Remember Bill Ayers? It’s just that people were so mad at Bush 43 and the Republicans’ repeated monsterous “screw-ups” (to put it nicely), and Obama was supposedly such a charismatic speaker and speechmaker, that they overlooked his very shady and questionable past.

              Not to mention Obama’s GOP opponent, John McCain, while a war hero, was too old with too many potential health problems and a running mate that was, while initially popular, was eventually found to be not quite the sharpest tool in the shed.

              In a way, it Americans’ fault that they vote for these nuts as there was clear warning signs about what kind of person they are and what kind of President they might be.

              Remember Bill Clinton’s affair with Playboy playmate Gennifer Flowers that became public while he was running in ’92?

              Remember Bush going around on the campaign trail in 2000 talking about Gore’s budget projection numbers being “fuzzy math” (boy did he ever show us the meaning of “fuzzy math” with his spending habits while in office) while runner-up Vice President Al “I-invented-the-Internet” Gore was telling obvious “half-truths” and “embellishments” about his scientific and intellectual prowess?

              Remember Obama fielding questions and comments about what he would do to get the economy and job market back on track during his ’08 candidacy and responding primarily with “Rich people need to pay their fair share”? An oft-repeated comment which turned out to signal how he has approached (mis)managing the economy in the aftermath of one of the nation’s worst financial crisis as President.

              • Jimmie says:

                very nice synopsis. I didn’t buy into the Wright attack stuff. While it was true he was deeply associated with the bigot, I didn’t base my decision off dirty politics. You are correct though. After Bush and Co. I voted against more Neo-Con Bomb em all McCain and Nitwit Palin more than I believed in what Obama had to offer. I just wanted change from the useless wars, the lobbyist running the Gov’t., the Corp and Banking baliouts. All stuff Obama ran against. He reneged on all of them and many other campaign promises. Too many to mention. How can anyone not see how he has failed on his promises is beyond me. Most vote for him because of the him being half black. This is why our Country is up sheets creek with no paddle.

                • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                  Unfortunately, we get crazy Presidents in office because we usually only have crazy candidates to choose from (see the recently completed marathon of crazy, the GOP Primary as the most recent proof of that theorem) because the process to get elected President has become so taxing that one literally has to be crazy to want to go through that intensely grueling process to compete for an intensely grueling job.

                  All I can say is God Bless America. We’ve been through worse and we’ll get through this.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Is it really an “excellent” idea, or is it just another not-so-crafty, almost completely transparent way to gain another long-term revenue stream?

      A property tax cut would likely be temporary, but a sales tax increase would likely be “indefinite”, if not permanent as the county government would continue to come to the voters with their hands out every so many years despite likely continued property tax increases after the initial property tax reduction.

      • I could be wrong but from what I understand what Beaudreau is proposing is to put a referendum on the ballot to let the voters choose to replace a certain amount of their property taxes with a 1% sales tax – a dollar for dollar exchange – no new taxes. Obviously this would have to gain approval of the voters, would last a certain length of time and would have to be approved again when that length of time expires.

        Yes, it’s an excellent idea.

        • Harry says:

          So Beaudreau is proposing the millage rate would be reduced and locked in for as long as the sales tax is in place? This tradeoff was implemented in Dekalb awhile back, but then shortly thereafter the millage rate experienced a sharp increase.

          • Jimmie says:

            The rates would have to have seesaw effect. One goes up the other must go down. Introducing a flexible sales tax and a millage rate would be open for abuse. Especially by the baseball stadium building types in our County Gov’t.

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Exactly, so in the long-term it’s really just adding another revenue stream because it’s not as if property taxes would never be increased again after the new sales tax went into effect and it’s not as if the county would stop asking the voters to renew it every 4,5 or 6 years after they eventually raised property taxes back to an even higher level than before the initial cut they’re offering to snooker voters into approving the sales tax.

            I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born LAST NIGHT.

            Unless the county explicitly promises to lock in the reduced property tax rate for as long as the sales tax is in place (with no loopholes and no tricks to backdoor property tax increases after the new sales tax goes into effect), a promise which I have yet to hear come from the mouth of Beaudreau or anyone else backing it, then this idea should be D.O.A.

  3. Max Power says:

    The Daily Report Online is reporting that a vote on Atlanta attorney Jill Pryor’s nomination is being blocked by Georgia’s 2 Senators. The same ones who argued that all President Bush’s nominees deserved an up or down vote. Ah Washington you never fail to provide just the right amount of hypocrisy.

  4. Rambler1414 says:

    This morning, Brandon Beach, president of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and a member of state transportation board, announced that he would challenge Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers in the July 31 primary.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          The Chamber of Commerce has too much power because they’ve got the most money to play the political game with.

          You know what they say about money and politics…..
          ……Money is the “mother’s milk” of politics.

    • sunkawakan says:

      I’m shocked that PP hasn’t published a top-line article announcing Beach’s challenge to Rogers.

  5. saltycracker says:

    JP Morgan, once gambled with their investor’s money, graduated to public stockholders money then advanced to a too big to fail bank that can gamble under the full faith and credit of the government……looses 2 billion in a leveraged hedge fund…in just six weeks…

  6. Jimmie says:

    It just feels like the whole deck of cards is going to come crashing down again soon. These 2 big 2 fail banks have changed nothing. They’ve only gotten bigger. It’s all pretend money in the beginning from the Fed. They get it for near zero interest. Greed. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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