Food Truck Park Open Again In Atlanta

Jason told us about the woes of Atlanta’s food truck park yesterday.  Alas, it appears the random permit issues over trucks and their allowed multiple locations have been resolved.  The park has re-opened for business.

“Thanks to the help of our friends, [City] Council member Kwanza Hall, the Atlanta Police Dept., City Hall and the Atlanta Street Food Coalition, your favorite food trucks are now acquiring the proper vending permits for Atlanta Food Truck Park,” said a message posted on the park’s website.

“Over the next couple of days, more and more food trucks will make appearances,” the statement said, adding that plans are being made for a “Take Two—Grand Opening” party.

I still don’t get the concept beyond the general novelty of it all, but so be it.  So long as they follow the same business license and health inspection rules that competing other businesses must face, then if you want to eat food out of a truck, there’s a place on Howell Mill Road for you.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Let me also add that Hall is doing yeoman’s work when it comes to dealing with constituent issues. There are a few more on council that are generally responsive (more so than others), but overall, Hall and sidekick chief staffer Jay Tribbe (the power behind the throne IMHO) are going to go far in local politics.

    I predict Reed will make a serious run for a DC address office and Hall will run for mayor. But that is just me and my opinion.

    disclaimer: Hall is my council critter.

    • Charlie says:

      Heard good things about him and his responsiveness. I remain generally impressed with Reed as well.

      I had hoped to be a city resident by this time, but thanks to antics of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, I was unable to buy the properties I wanted in the COA. Thus, I’m back in Cobb County for a while.

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