Day 1 T-SPLOST Poll Results

The Atlanta TEA Party and Peach Pundit have teamed up to offer a text poll regarding your feelings on the upcoming Atlanta Regional T-SPLOST set for the July 31st Primary.  The results from the first day of texts are in.

Yes is leading with 52.73% of the votes.

No garnered 43.03%.

Only 4.24% share my undecided position.

The poll will run today through Friday.  Based on the participation, our hope is to do this two other times before the vote and note any changes in the trend.

To participate, just text TPPP to 28748.

You will then be asked to indicate if you support the T-SPLOST with a 1) No 2) Yes or 3) Undecided response.

Standard text messaging rates apply.

NOTE: Only 1 vote per phone number will be counted in the final results.


  1. How much does the State already get on every gallon of gas purchased? When someone is aweful handling their finances, the worst thing to do is to give them more money to be irresponsible with.

  2. Harry says:

    I wonder if some people voted yes by mistake, since a “no” is not normally the #1 choice.

  3. rtcitizen says:

    Gwinnett citizens have a 1 cent SPLOST dedicated to roads/highways. Vote NO to this backdoor attempt to expand MARTA futher north. This new TSPLOST is taxation without representation, as we can not vote to change the people spending the money.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Vote NO to this backdoor attempt to expand MARTA futher north.”

      What’s so “backdoor” about it? County boosters at the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, in the City of Norcross and. of course, those in the county’s very active land spectulation and overdevelopment community, have for the last few years increasingly openly pined for an extension of MARTA north into Gwinnett that would run as far as Gwinnett Arena.

      Officials in Norcross have talked openly over the last few years about how they want a MARTA stop in Downtown Norcross as the centerpiece of their future development plans with maps of possible MARTA extensions to Gwinnett Arena appearing in the Gwinnett Daily Post.

      Fortunately, there the $95 million that is alloted for an “I-85 North Transit Corridor” is nowhere nearly enough money to even think of expanding the highly-dysfunctional and increasingly ineffective MARTA.

      But, unfortunately, that $95 million that has been alloted for yet another “study” of transit expansion up the I-85 North Corridor is more than enough for the even more dysfunctional Georgia Department of Transportation and the highly-sinister bad intentioned State Road and Tollway Authority to possibly convert a couple of more existing general purpose lanes on I-85 North to HOT lanes, which is what you and everyone else in Gwinnett who has to commute to and from Atlanta on a consistent basis should REALLY be concerned about first and foremost.

    • GTKay says:

      The people who submitted the projects on the list are elected officials – county commissioners, mayors, city council members. The people who will deliver the projects are the same people who have been delivering projects – GDOT and county DOT’s. The legislature passed the bill that created the referendum. What is on the list will be built with the revenue from the tax, so the people who vote for the sales tax are the ones spending the money.

  4. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    I was disappointed that, in addition to the choices of “No”, “Yes” and “Undecided”, that we weren’t given a choice of “HELL NO!!!!!” and/or a chance to pick “Eat sh– and Die Slow” that would send the message to our elected “officials” and unelected bureaucrats to do likewise.

  5. bgsmallz says:

    Time line…

    1)Poll results.
    2)Wailing and gnashing of teeth by 95% of PP commenter
    4)3 Responses (1) Denial (2) “Clearly ‘our’ people didn’t know about the survey; or (3) Roll out the same tired arguments against maybe even include all caps (ALL CAPS!!!!!) because clearly people aren’t reading my comments close enough.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Too funny.

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