City Of Augusta May Terminate Bus Service Contractor

The company running bus service for Augusta has been given 30 days to clean up its act, according to the Augusta Chronicle:

A notice Monday citing the problems as evidence of “inadequate performance” by Mobility, obtained Tuesday by The Augusta Chronicle, didn’t mention the firm’s cancellation of employee health insurance May 2, although employees were informed Tuesday that their insurance would be reinstated.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia spokeswoman Cheryl Monkhouse was unable to confirm Tuesday that Mobility’s policy with the company was back in effect, however.

The company’s “chronic failure to timely pay vendors” led Georgia Power, A&W Oil Co., Time Transportation and G&K Uniform to either close Mobility’s account or place it in “hold status,” according to the notice.

Augusta: Where the joys of privitazation meet with a state that doesn’t subsidize transit.