Senator David Shafer Applauds Signing of Zero-Based Budgeting Bill By Governor Deal

Senator David Shafer, who has championed zero based budgeting since he was first elected to the Senate ten years ago, has issued a statement praising Governor Nathan Deal for signing Senate Bill 33.

In his dogged pursuit of this issue, Sen. Shafer introduced five different zero based budgeting bills, including SB 1 in 2009, which was infamously vetoed by Governor Perdue in 2010, SB 12 in 2007, SB 10 in 2005 and SB 8 in 2003.

The new Zero-Based Budgeting law (SB 33) signed by Governor Deal will require 1/8 of the budget to be rebuilt from scratch each year, forcing the entire budget to be re-justified every eight years.  Sen. Shafer calls it a “valuable tool that will help lawmakers be better stewards of tax dollars.”

It’s a common sense measure that is long overdue.  Congratulations, Senator Shafer!


  1. Agreed!!!
    -Congratulations Sen. Shafer… and all of us Georgians…
    -Long over due…
    -Liked the Senator’s original better, that accomplished the task in 4 years instead of 8…
    -But this IS a great start!!!

  2. Gwinnett is Great says:

    Proud and honored to consider Senator David Shafer a great friend and visionary for the conservative cause in the state of Georgia. I fully endorse his candidacy for re-election and look forward to working together in the future.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Good job Sen. Shafer. It is good to see your signature issue finally passing after all of your hard work and persistence. It is also good to see fiscal sanity return to budgeting.

  4. Duke says:

    Let’s not forget the dogged persistence of Rep. Stephen Allison on this issue. The House passed zero-based budgeting a couple of times, each carried by Rep Allison. Congrats to both of them!

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