Majority Leader Rogers Endorsed By Fulton GOP Delegation

An incumbent running for re-election is hardly news, and we’re not going to print every press release announcing such.  Nor are endorsements of those serving with said incumbent often news.

When there are rumors of a primary challenge to a Majority Leader, however, things get a bit more serious.  Especially if the rumored challenger comes from new turf courtesy of re-districting, and said challenger ran a close race just two years ago.

As such, Senator Chip Rogers would like any potential challenger to know that he has the backing of the entire Fulton County Republican Delegation from both the Senate and the House:

“It is humbling to have the public support of those you serve with in elected office. Many of these leaders I have had the opportunity to work with for a decade. The Senators and Representatives of North Fulton are solid conservatives dedicated to a better Georgia through limited government, individual liberty, and free markets. I sincerely look forward to representing the best interests of the citizens North Fulton County by holding firm to the principles that made America the greatest nation on earth.”, declared Rogers.

The list of North Fulton Republican Delegation members supporting Senator Rogers includes:

Speaker Pro-Tempore Jan Jones

Majority Whip Ed Lindsey

Senate Majority Caucus Vice-Chair David Shafer

Senator John Albers

Senator Fran Millar

Senator Mike Crane

Representative Chuck Martin

Representative Harry Geisinger

Representative Lynn Riley

Representative Wendell Willard

Representative Calvin Hill

Representative Matt Dollar

Representative Mike Dudgeon

Representative Tom Rice

I’ll have a more general conversation about contested primaries in today’s column posting at 1:00.  And yes, should the challenge to Senator Rogers materialize we’ll run that announcement as well.

UPDATE: Representative Joe Wilkinson of north Fulton has also endorsed Senator Rogers.

2nd UPDATE: Looks like we’re close to materializing that rumor.


      • Dave Bearse says:

        Is there any better way to undermine Fulton County perogatives concerning local legislation?

        Like the GOP’s omission of the word “income” in between the words “federal” and “taxes” when the GOP says that half of all Americans pay no federal taxes, the GaGOP always omits the word “GOP” between the words “local” and “control”.

  1. CCFRG says:

    This is nice, although Charlie you might want to call each of these legislators personally and check to make sure they are really supporting him.

    Chip does have a well demonstrated problem with the truth.

    • How about this: Pay Charlie (or any of the other PP Front Pagers you like better) a full time salary so he can blog full time and I’m sure he’d be happy to fact check press releases.

  2. truth says:

    If people are as sick of these delegation members as I am, their endorsement will be a liability to Rogers. He has enough negatives on his own.

    • sunkawakan says:

      Chip’s not quite as popular as most people think. I wouldn’t bet the house on him being re-elected.

      • UpHere says:

        If you think Brandon Beach is popular in Cherokee (were most of the district lies), you are crazy. Heck, he isn’t popular in North Fulton or he would have beat Albers!

        • Will Winners says:

          The Chipster’s been a really bad boy and it’s about to catch up with him. If I were a betting man I would gladly bet on Brandon to win and Chip to go down in flames.

    • Will Winners says:

      Anyone that underestimates Brandon Beach’s ability to beat the Chipster will be in for the surprise of their life.

      We had a long time campaign here in Cherokee – ABC: ANYBODY BUT CHIP!
      The only reason he is still in office is because no one would run against him. Word around town is he either scares off his opponents or lies to them with empty promises of supporting them in two years when he runs for Lt. Governor, Governor and most recently he claims to have plans to run for the congressional seat in two years.

      Many of us from the ABC campaign begged Brandon to run against Chip and we are thrilled that such a formidable candidate such as Brandon is willing to run. Finally Cherokee County will have an honest and effective representative.

      • Three Jack says:

        I’ll take all bets on Chip v. Beach…it will not be close.

        Chip has certainly had some problems over the past couple of years, but he is a fiscal conservative who gives us the best chance of ever achieving fiscal sanity in the near future. It would be foolish to make him the scapegoat for all things wrong under the Gold Dome (that should be left to Balfour if there is to be a scapegoat). And Brandon Beach, he might carry his local area (very doubtful), but no chance in the rest of the district…it will be the usual Rogers landslide, bet on it.

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