Morning Reads For May 7th: The Mondays Edition

Georgia Stories of Interest:

Governor Nathan Deal has until tomorrow to sign or veto bills passed by the recent session of the General Assembly

Not wanting to be left out of the metro government coverage here on Peach Pundit, here’s an editorial about the pros to a consolidated Glynn County-Brunswick government

Here’s a good question: What will be Michael Adams’ legacy at UGA?

A public art project to create a “virtual forest” at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport now has a price tag of $4 million…3 times the original price.

A Few Of National Interest:

If you haven’t heard by now, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been defeated by socialist candidate François Hollande in a run-off election

There have been a few pilots who have refused to fly the F-22 Raptors due to the jet’s oxygen problems

Mitt Romney is in a tight race with President Barack Obama, but Gallup shows Romney with a lead and he seems to be doing well with independent voters

We’re apparently playing “catch and release” with Taliban fighters now

A few I like:

Braves win!  The Braves sweep the Colorado Rockies a Coors Field.  The last time that happened was back in 2003.  The Bravos start their series with the Cubs tonight at Wrigley Field at 8:05p tonight.

Here’s some interesting background on some famous logos.

So, what do various studies show about the effects of file sharing?

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  1. gcp says:

    Adams was not the main reason for the improved academics at UGA. The university benefited because HOPE encouraged more kids to apply to state schools thus the university could be more selective as to who was admitted. When the state needed to cut its budget a couple years ago Adams was one of the biggest complainers but somehow he found money for an engineering program and a med school program. His hiring of Jim Herrick created the worst scandal since Jan Kemp. Now we hear he may get over two million severance. I want to hear the politicians defend this one.

  2. Baker says:

    I went to click on the link about the F-22 and up came the face of a delusional, vote-buying socialist.

    So there are problems with the F-22? Well lets relaunch the whole program and get it right this time. We’re doing the F-35, and we could do it as a package deal, all for right around $2 TRILL. It’s so easy. DEFENSE DEFENSE (chanted like you’re at a Hawks game – with the same feeling of futility therein)

    Bookman (jumping off a piece from Foreign Policy mag) had an awesome column about the F-35 last week, I think it was in morning reads at some point.
    “The hugely excessive and inexcusable GSA convention in Las Vegas cost taxpayers a total of $823,000, and drew congressional hearings over the extravagance. The mindset that allowed such waste is intolerable, but the amount of money involved is a rounding error of a rounding error over a program such as the F-35, which draws little to no public attention.”

    We can still have the most badass military ever and exponentially better than some communist dictatorship in Asia, but we don’t get there by wasting a trillion dollars on a plane we don’t need.

  3. Max Power says:

    The Glynn County-Brunswick consolidation should almost certainly go forward. Last time I was down in Brunswick it struck me that it might just be Georgia’s most depressing city. My great-uncles built boilers for liberty ships during the war and the town was thriving. It could thrive again, it’s got good bones, but something needs to be done.

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