Morning Reads 5-4-12: May The Fourth Be With You

Things are getting ugly in Gwinnett County.  Former Commission Chairman Bruce Charles Bannister is now linking prominent developer Wayne Mason to his bogus DUI arrest.  I think the political term for what is beginning here is mutually assured destruction.

DeKalb County home prices are down 6% according to tax assessors.  Hold your breath waiting for DeKalb commissioners to announce they’re going to cut spending 6% to leave millage rates the same.  Meanwhile, what the heck is up with this case?

Henry County’s Chamber of Commerce is honoring a failed bank.  I can’t recall a chamber ever giving away a posthumous lifetime achievement award.

It’s official: Coach Michael Adams is leaving UGA. I’ve got a whole year plus some to write that column.

If the Millennium Falcon isn’t your kind of ship, perhaps you should visit Savannah this weekend.

This one deserves it’s own post, because it really was the high mark of the last legislative session: Governor Deal signed his sentencing reform bill into law yesterday.

Mitt Romney calls the U.S. handling of Chinese dissident “A Day Of Shame”.  Meanwhile China says Chen Guangchen can apply to study abroad. 

Nationwide, Unemployement is down to 8.1%, with the economy creating a “meager” 115,000 jobs last month according to CNBC.

That half billion dollars the state is prepared to give the Atlanta Falcons?  It’s so  we can have more suites like this that you will never see.

And today is quattro de mayo, or something like that.  May the Fourth be with you.

Added by Buzz: Here are the most recent candidate lists for the House and the Senate.


  1. Calypso says:

    “Former Commission Chairman Bruce Bannister…”

    Charlie, I think you’ve been indulging in too many ‘The Hulk’ movies, cartoons, and comic books.

      • Calypso says:

        “Pointing out Charlie’s mistakes makes Charlie Angry…”
        You are most welcome to delete my helpful hints once they have been of service, or are you refering to the antics of the former chairman?

  2. bgsmallz says:

    That DeKalb county school board case is a mess. $37M and it hasn’t even gone to trial. A ‘verbal’ agreement on the fee structure?

    Seriously, between this, the criminal corruption that is on trial, the lack of accounting on the Splost projects, the bloated administration, etc. etc….it’s just disheartening. I can remember growing up in the city of Decatur and there were actually people who wanted to move to DeKalb so that they could go to Henderson, Lakeside, Dunwoody and Druid Hills…even Shamrock and Tucker weren’t too bad. Of course, they closed Henderson and Shamrock…and got lapped by counties that actually cared more about educating kids than employing family members.

    This is the number 1 reason I’m voting against the charter school amendment. Our legislature needs to really address the lack of school choice through more than just charter schools. I’m worried that if this passes, we will not see any more effort on this for years. DeKalb county has around 102,000 students….that’s over 1% of the entire population of the state. The issues with its public schools is an issue that merits state level action and should require action despite the traditional ‘local’ legislation approach. We need the ability to break up these behemoths for the sake of our children. I’m hopeful that the legislature will look at the ability to create independent school districts so that we can make our schools in the metro area truly local. That might require some creativity and …gasp…state funding as school districts are broken apart and funding levels change…the intent isn’t to put any demographic or area in a hole based upon a revenue shift that is so great the smaller, more efficient school board couldn’t dig out of it. However, it needs to happen. There is no reason a city of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Lithonia, or Smyrna shouldn’t be able to decide it wants its school system to be more local. If the money following the child isn’t an option, we need an option that creates greater local control and competition.

    • ryanhawk says:

      Beach vs. Rogers? What about Harper and Merkleson vs. Brockway….. And who know Merkleson was an independent.

  3. PegM says:

    One thing about this whole whacko Bannister story, is that the guy admitted to have a couple of beers the night he was arrested. I still don’t get why he didn’t test positive. Perhaps Charlie’s years of over imbibing made him immune….?

    • ryanhawk says:

      In other words, Bannister told the truth — he had a couple of beers stretched over several hours. Thus he wasn’t drunk and was not driving under the influence. Some of us refer to such activities as liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      The most interesting tidbit in the court filing to me was the alleged threat against Mark Rountree from Judge Brown.

  4. saltycracker says:

    The voters of France have spoken – tax the rich & not follow German austerity:

    “Hollande’s victory could have far-reaching implications on Europe’s debt woes. According to the Associated Press, Hollande has promised a 75-percent income tax on the rich and “wants to re-negotiate a European treaty on trimming budgets to avoid more debt crises of the kind facing Greece.””

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