Morning Reads – Star Wars Eve*

First the big news, breaking from the Georgia State Senate Ethics Committee, which had a meeting yesterday so compelling they had to throw the public and the media out and use State troopers to bar the door: What happened? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Everybody assumes they met about State Sen. Don Balfour, but nobody knows even that for sure.

Boring but important: Unemployment benefits have been cut, in order to pay back a loan from the feds.

Less boring, more important: Governor Deal signed Criminal Justice Reform into law, saving taxpayers $264 million over five years. This is a profound change to Georgia’s criminal justice system and another big win for the Governor. It’s like he’s taking his job seriously or something.

More boring, less important: The anti metal-theft bill, which wouldn’t have been so controversial but for one “overenthusiastic” lobbyist, has become law.

Haven’t made your mind up yet about the T-SPLOST, the 1% tax to fund traffic fixes in metro Atlanta? Here’s a pro and con debate. You’ll be hearing about $6 million worth of arguments for T-SPLOST and $0 million against T-SPLOST for the next 3 months.

Not important, but never boring: Newt Gingrich is still withdrawing from the presidential race. Jim Galloway links to a Fox News guy calling Gingrich “delusional.” What do you expect from a campaign that hired “Moby Dick Airways?”

Some boring, some important: Atlanta is getting an “all news” radio station at 106.7 on FM, which will mix “pop culture, celebrity news and entertainment news” with “hard news” according to John Dickey of Cumulus Media. (Until they bring back the Kimmer, there is no radio in Atlanta.) Also, the Biz Chron says this will be Atlanta’s “first” all-news radio station. Is that true?

*Star Wars Day is tomorrow.



  1. Calypso says:

    “Governor Deal signed Criminal Justice Reform into law…”

    In my opinion, the best piece of legislation to come out of this past session. Not that the bar was set too terribly high or anything, but I’m glad to see it nonetheless.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    In defence of using Moby Dick airlines:

    What other candidate is uniquely position to pull off saying “From Hell’s Heart, I Stab at Thee; For Hate’s Sake, I Spit My Last Breath at Thee” if not Gingrich. He nails Ahab.

  3. bowersville says:

    In Hassinger’s morning read there is a link to that goes over the procedure of an ethics accusation investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee. It’s a good read for those wondering what the procedure is. But we don’t know what’s being done by the Committee because no one is officially saying. This would be an excellent time for a spokes person with PR experience to step forward and explain Committee direction to the public. Perception is 90% of the game and even if what the Ethics Committee is doing in closed executive session is 100% correct, IMHO the Committee would be better served by a PR spokes person coming forward than to rely on a ruff house rumor mill.

  4. John Konop says:

    The tragic incident of the teen killed should make all of us think twice about how we deal with mental health issues, and drugs in society. From the facts presented in the newspaper it seems the police had no choice in how they dealt with a teen pointing a gun at people under the influence with mental issues.

    First we must all not stigmatize people needing help with mental health issues. We should be encouraging people to seek help and take very serious the warning signs of friends and family in need. It is estimated 1 in 4 people will experience some degree of mental health issues this year alone.

    Second we must stop criminalizing people with drug and or mental health problems. Instead we should be focusing our effort with treatment over incarceration. Treatment for the above issues has a higher level of success over stigmatizing the person for life with a criminal record, which makes chances for rehabilitation even harder, with the lack of job opportunities from having a record. Also the stigmatizing of people through the court system over treatment further pushes people away from seeking help.

    Finally we should all say a prayer for all the people involved in this tragedy. I hope and pray that some good can come from this with all of us judging less and reaching out more with a hand.


    …..A common argument, but on Tuesday, something was different. The Etowah High School sophomore grabbed his father’s .357 Magnum and loaded it, pointing it at his mother and his own neck while threatening to harm himself, 911 tapes reveal. Cherokee County authorities say the teen had been drinking and was taking prescription medication for depression.

    “He always says things like this, but he’s never took [sic] action like this … he’s got issues, I guess,” a worried Messina told a 911 dispatcher, asking for authorities to come to their home in the Eagle Watch subdivision of the Towne Lake community, near Woodstock….

    • saltycracker says:

      “…….the family had tried to help him, taking him to family counseling and putting him on medication for depression and ADHD.”

      And sometimes, tragically, all the best efforts fail.

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