Morning Reads 5/2/2012

This is a problem. No one should be forced to choose between starvation and going to jail. Life isn’t a game of Monopoly.

Meanwhile, Georgia Sheriffs are looking into alternatives to incarcerating the mentally ill for minor offenses.

The cash-strapped University system is being sued, by a jilted basketball coach.

No Child Left Behind is about to be “left behind.

Now we are cooking with gas–Georgia Power brings new natural gas plant online.

Watch what you say online; you might get sued about it. And as an aside, if you resort to bullying someone, perhaps you deserved to be sued.

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services is about to be streamlined.

Who wins in a legal fight between a Bank and a City when said Bank is in the business of lending money and should have known that the City could not agree to such terms; and when the City fails to agree to terms that meet constitutional muster? We may soon find out.

The Masters is a fun event; until you have to go to Court about ticket selling.

Bibb County is taking over Macon’s Animal Shelter, and are seeking a new Director to clean up the facility.

The Hawks lost; the Braves lost. I’m not happy about either. Maybe this song will cheer you up, it hasn’t worked for me yet. Okay, I admit it. That was an excuse to make this relevant, buthere is my advice to Atlanta’s athletes.


  1. I Miss the 90s says:

    Firstly, with the “pro-business” position taken by the right…life is most certainly a game of monopoly. What, are you a socialist or something?!

    We should have economic safety nets, consumer protection laws, and union collective bargaining rights. These have been the protections of the non-privileged class for a century now. But…it is all referred to pejoratively as socialism, communism, and/or marxism depending on how retardly conservative you self-identify.

    Life is a game of monopoly in the right-wing unites states. That is why you people are afraid of immigrants, China, and Marta.

  2. Jimmie says:

    What’s the status of the Gwinnett and Athens-Clarke County GOP Convention appeals to the State GOP? It appears that the 13th District Convention (which occurred well after the County Conventions) is being heard this weekend at state headquarters. When is an official appeal not an appeal? Is this just another situation that the GOP leaders (good ole boys) that be, will sweep the party’s misgivings under the rug and pretend that they never happened? The sad thing is there is video evidence to boot. The Clarke debacle was heard and seen Nationwide.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      As I stated before, the Clarke county group decided NOT to appeal. They want permanent victim status.

      • Jimmie says:

        I remember you had mentioned your acknowledgement of the lack of ethics and adherence to RRoO and County Rules in Athens-Clarke County. I was under the impression that an appeal had been filed and has yet to be acknowledged by the State GOP office. Same with the Gwinnett situation. I wonder if they ignore it, does that mean it didn’t occur?

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I was interested enough to reach out to the Clarke county group to ask for the full un edited video. I did not receive one. That does not mean I came to a full conclusion. I doubt the the GOP will ignore a properly filed appeal.

          If you are so interested, why don’t you find out?

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