Westmoreland “Not Disinterested” In NRCC Position

Politico is out with a story regarding who will be taking over the National Congressional Campaign Committee.  While not yet considered the front runner for the post, Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland appears to be firmly in contention.

Walden and Cole aren’t the only names in the mix. A number of GOP insiders  think Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland has a shot given his success at recruiting  candidates in 2010 and raising large sums of soft money contributions for  redistricting during this election cycle.

“Pete’s done a great job, and we’ve enjoyed being over there, and I think  we’re going to keep all of our options open,” Westmoreland said in an  interview.

Asked if he was interested, Westmoreland added, “I’m not disinterested.”

ProTip for those who want to count Westmoreland out of such races.  If he says he’s not disinterested, you really shouldn’t misunderestimate him.

H/T AtlantaNewsFeed