Crowdsourcing Project 2: Senate Incumbent And Challengers

UPDATE: Folks, please be careful with the information you put into these spreadsheets. They are for informational purposes only. If folks are going to put inaccurate or intentionally misleading information into these sheet, I will be forced to cut off access to them.

Below is a Google spreadsheet showing the Senate incumbents and challengers who have filed a DOI as of yesterday. The Senate did not renumber their districts, thus incumbents are running under the same district number they currently represent. As with the House spreadsheet, please add any announced challengers – no rumored candidates or trial balloons please. Also please update the sheet if you see any errors.

To edit the sheet please click here.


  1. Cloverhurst says:

    Word on the street is that Chip Rogers and John “Know it All” Albers will have well funded opponents announcing in May.

    • Howard Roark says:

      I heard from a good source that both Rogers and Albers will face opposition as well

      It is funny that the “president of the freshman class” ( insert eye rolls) Albers has opposition.

    • Scott65 says:

      I would hope someone runs against Chip Rogers…seems if he was ever vulnerable it would be this year…on the board of ALEC, wants broadband defined as 200kbs (thats dial up territory people), wants to remove local control of municipal networks (funny how a quick 5,000 from AT&T can do that)…and IMO one of the most corrupt. He somehow flies under the radar. Hopefully someone with some integrity will run against him

  2. One of the real problems with state government is that well of half of the Representatives and Senators run without opposition. It is my hope that we don’t continue to repeat that situation.

  3. Cloverhurst says:

    Senator “Know it All” Albers who still owes himself 90k from his last campaign has had a hard time raising money, rumor is he has tried calling his opponent begging him to leave the race, because as he said his senate seat means so much to him.

  4. concerned GA says:

    I hear that Dick Anderson is considering running against Albers. Is that true? He was in the audience when Albers claimed he ran a $5 billion business for AT&T and Anderson(recently retired executive with AT&T and BellSouth) said he had never heard of Albers. Whew, might not be a fair fight!

  5. foray1 says:

    I heard from a friend last night that Albers is now going around telling people that his opponent was a dinosaur who got kicked off the board at ATT because he couldn’t grasp the new technology.

    I looked up Anderson’s bio and it looks like this is another lie from Senator “Know it All.”

    Anderson left the board as Vice Chair when he was appointed to lead GRTA by Governor Perdue and recently left the position of COO of the Federal Reserve. Strikes me as a smart guy who might be able to lead real change in the State Senate.

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