Morning Reads for Thursday, April 26th

Here in Georgia…
– In case you missed it, the lineup for Music Midtown has been released. The only band I’d like to see is the Foo Fighters.
– Home prices in Metro Atlanta are at a 16-year low.
– Gov. Deal has appointed Toby Carr, a former adviser with no transportation experience, to an important GDOT post.
– State officials are trying to plug a $63 million shortfall in state insurance benefits.

National stories of interest…
– The latest polls from swing states show that Barack Obama still leads in crucial swing states, but Romney is gaining.
– The White House has issued a veto threat over CISPA.
– Marco Rubio seems determined to continue the GOP policy of perpetual war.
– It’s amazing how people get so upset about what Secret Service agents did overseas, but don’t get angry when a four year-old is forced to go through a pat-down by TSA.
– Al Gore is going to the Internet Hall of Fame.
– Here’s a rundown of the worst GOP primary whiffs and predictions.
– MTV and PolitiFact are teaming up for a fantasy politics game.
– Aaron Blake explains why the decline of Blue Dog Democrats isn’t a surprise.
– Romney says he’d show Ben Bernanke the door.
– The Obama campaign is really investing in online advertising.
– Mad cow disease has been discovered in the US.
– FDA officials are banning children from doing any work on family farms.

A few that I like…
Braves: 4, Dodgers: 2
– The Falcons picked up Asante Samuel yesterday to bolster their defense.
– Deadspin weighs in on the recent ESPN article on use of marijuana in college football (language warning).


    • Rambler1414 says:

      For Georgia’s sake, let’s hope he is more successful than the last political appointee with no transportation experience. (Gena Evans)

      • There are a couple of differences between Toby’s appointment and Gena’s appointment: 1) Toby is not being asked to run the DOT and take on the DOT Board and DOT culture, and 2) The top 2 people at DOT now, Keith Golden and Todd Long, are both engineers with a lot of transportation experience.

        I think Toby will do a fine job and with the new leadership at GDOT I think we have a chance to see positive results there.

        • Gwinnett is Great says:

          I completely agree with Buzz. Toby Carr is one of the most intuitive and knowledgeable people I have come across in my years of politics and I’ll go as far as to say my entire life. I have no doubt in my mind that Toby will excel at his new position and serve the DOT well. Best of luck to him and I look forward to having such a great guy in this position – he deserves it.

    • saltycracker says:

      Great – the drug business is big business in my native state and an integral part of the underground economy, like collecting from programs and working for cash…..

      Had a plumber out a couple weeks ago, he was high or drunk & insisted on cash…
      the handyman that insisted on cash seemed sober –
      the shop lady that insisted on cash, no sales tax, seemed sober too –
      A tech was loopy…..
      two or three out of five that week suggests we ain’t got no drug problem…but three were working the system for sure, suggesting fraud is the front runner…..empirically speaking….

  1. Cassandra says:

    And on the imponderable macro-economic front: Fiscal cliff usurped by Armageddon…

    “Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke calls it the “fiscal cliff.” It might be better thought of as the next economic Armageddon. …

    Unless Congress acts to soften the blow, economists are warning that a looming year-end collision of massive, “automatic” cuts in federal spending and the expiration of sweeping Bush-era tax cuts could crush an already weak U.S. economic recovery. …

    Others, like Deutsche Bank economist Joseph LaVorgna, think those estimates are overblown, though his assessment assumes Congress gets its act together and steers away from the cliff at the last minute. …

    ‘ Finding a clever way to kick the can down the road again is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge,’ Princeton University economist Alan Blinder wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal OpEd. ‘And Congress has barely coped with previous such challenges.’ ”

  2. Cassandra says:

    Now then, I have postulated that POTUS will be tweeted into office and that the popular vote be durned, he’ll win it in the electoral college. POTUS is a Chicago pol, no tougher a match, he’s calculatin’, cajoling, using all the forces of Federal largesse, to win those 270 collegiate votes.

    Univ of VA Larry Sabato has taken my worst fears and quantified them for those math-minded political wonk/ettes among you:

    BTW, Sabato also predicts presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s faith will be an issue. I think he is wrong on that one, but I predict pol-ops will frame the choices along these lines:

    “2012: YOUR CHOICE: No controversial president with unemployment over 8% could possibly be reelected. No Mormon candidate, especially one who lacks a common touch, could possibly be elected.”

      • Cassandra says:

        Whatever, again, Charlie.

        Your ego transcends, but since you generally do more good than harm, I’ll overlook your crankiness.

        • Charlie says:

          And again, your view is that this is about my ego.

          We have very few rules here. Someone that refuses to take the time to understand why we might have those, flauts them anyway, throws a temper tantrum by spamming the same comment across multiple threads in retaliation for being called out (again) for breaking them, then projecting your issues on those who run this place for trying to maintain it with any sense of order is not someone who actually understands what we do here, and isn’t someone who will be a contributor.

          So much for a day off. Thanks pal.

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