Draft Dr. Jay For State House

Since State Representative Ann Purcell has announced her retirement, (updated link) my friends down in Chatham County will need to find a new member of their community to send to Atlanta.

Jay Melvin has been a member of the Peach Pundit community longer than I have.  Known here as Dr. Jay, he’s a good source of wit and knows all the inside jokes than many of us have forgotten and the newbies will never get.

There’s also a serious side to Dr. Jay that many never get to see here.  I know he takes his role as a father, husband, and member of his community very seriously.  He’s the kid of guy that Chatham would be proud to have working for them in Atlanta.

While I probably should ask Tricia’s permission first, I’d still like to encourage Jay to strongly consider the race.  Perhaps a few of you could do so as well in the comments section.

Updated: Getting a few emails from folks saying that Jesse Tyler of Effingham County is also taking a hard look at this race.  Tyler ran against Purcell during a sprint election to replace Buddy Carter, who moved up to fill Eric Johnson’s seat in the Senate.


  1. Calypso says:

    Please fax all campaign checks to dr.jay at 800-555-1212. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the help.

  2. drjay says:

    thanks everyone for all the kind words. it has been an interesting couple of days to say the least. we are now looking into this race. so let’s talk about it. this may get lengthy, i apologize in advance. a couple of folks had asked me if i would be interested in running for the school board recently. my current member is not running again. i was giving very serious thought to it. unfortunately, the thoughts were complicated by the recent redistricting. i am currently in district 7 , the new maps have moved half of my neighborhood (that’s right half) into district 8, a district i would have little chance of winning. however the DOJ has not signed off on the new districts yet, and there is a decent chance that they will not do so in time for the new map to be used in this election. so for the purpose of the 2012 election, the old maps are still in place, maybe…

    so while i’m mulling this over, my state rep announces her retirement. i am already in a place where i am thinking about running for office again (many of you may remember my 1 vote city council loss a few years back). and i hear from a few people about this and call a few people as well(and of course, charlie makes this gracious post asking me to consider it) so like i said before, we are considering, and it is a lot to consider. the race itself will involve parts of 2 counties so it will require way more time and money than a suburban city council race. it is pretty gop friendly territory, so i imagine an open seat is going to appeal to way more than just me and the couple of other folks that are out there already. so it may be 3 races, primary, runoff, and general.

    the bigger issue is the fact that i own a small business. i am a dentist in solo practice and arrangements would have to be made for me to be gone the first qtr. of every year to make sure i have a livelihood to come back to in the spring. also i am a father of three school age children; i coach little league. my wife and i often “tag team” to make sure karate and band and baseball obligations are all met. i would have to sacrifice some of that, and my wife would have to pick up my slack (although, in fairness, picking up my slack is something she already excels at!!) so that’s where we are at present. it is an intriguing opportunity, and clearly this is the sort of thing a have had a longitudinal interest in. i will continue to mull everything over and keep you all posted–afterall qualifying isn’t until the end of next month…

  3. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I don’t know Dr. Jay personally, but have been reading his posts on here for a while, and he seems like a reasonable, stand up guy. Unfortunately, guys like him get eaten alive in todays GA-GOP, now a days, its all about who can pander to the lowest common denominator the best by using anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-everything rethoric. Since Dr. Jay obviously has a lot of commentary posted on here, the opponent’s consultants are going to take words out of context and use areas where he didn’t take the hard-line far-right stance and make you look like a liberal. I’m seeing just that in the District 9 congressional primary with another reasonable long time political commentator running.(if you don’t know what I’m taking about, you likely will by the time the primary season winds down, when they candidates have nothing to lose, get desperate, and really start throwing mud)

    Still if Dr.Jay runs, I will support him, and donate to the campaign very as soon as he announces. (also b/c we need more MCG grads in office….that aren’t nuts)

  4. drjay says:

    well here is the update. i’m sure most of y’all had forgotten about this by now. i am not running for the state house. we could not make the numbers work to allow fo me to not be in my office for the first qtr of every year and my kids are still young enough that they are doing things during the year that i don’t really want to miss. also there is a great candidate that has qualified for this seat that i think will be great in atlanta…the “good news” is that the local school board districts have worked out so that i will be able to run for the district that encompasses the town i grew up in and the town we are raising our children in. so i will be qualifying for and running in the race to serve on the school board from west chatham county, which is really what i was looking at at hoping to do all along…

    • drjay says:

      unlike doug grammer, i’m not sure i’ll be able to completely swear off commenting here from time to time in the interim…

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