Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 24th

Here in Georgia…
– The South will rise again! Or something.
– The Kony 2012 movement comes to Covington.
– Athens-Clarke County Commissioners are asking the DOJ to shoot down new district lines.
– Joanie Scott updated her post from yesterday on possible corruption in Henry County.
– There are less vacant storefronts in Atlanta.

National stories of interest…
– Incomes have fallen more than $2,000 under Obama.
– Democrats now consider ObamaCare to be a political liability.
– North Korea is threatening war with South Korea again.
– Despite a campaign against Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, it still receives plurality support from residents of the state.
– Yep, Americans need to be protected from speculators. Onion speculators, that is.
– Google is lobbying for CISPA, or SOPA II.
– We’re seeing a shift in the thinking on the War on Drugs.
– Is your computer at risk, find out how to check here.
– Hamid Karzai has banned Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) from entering Afghanistan.
– The Netherlands is the latest country facing debt woes.
– Are Republicans more knowledgeable and open-minded than Democrats? Yes, according to Pew Research. Test your own knowledge here.
– The National Review yesterday criticized the prosecution of John Edwards.
– David Walker for president?

A few that I like…
Dodgers: 7, Braves: 2
– After another horrible start, the Braves sent Jair Jurrjens to the minors.
– Freddie Freeman was named the NL Player of the Week.
– C’mon, you know you want to buy the Vistor’s dugout from the Kingdome.
– Facebook has 901 million monthly users.
The Princess Bride was quoted in a ruling from a US appellate court.


  1. John Konop says:

    John Edwads is a dirt bag. Yet the legal criminal system is not the place to deal with this issue. The right and left spend to much time legislating personal moral issues like war on drugs,gay bashing,hate crimes………… I would suggest both sides should focus on thier own personal issues and less on other people. It is obvious the law was never intended to be used in this manner, this case is a waste of tax payers money. How much money do we waste every year on bs laws and prosecutions on situation like this? What does war on drugs alone cost us alone? Especially in the tight times we are in can anyone rationalize tax dollars being spent on this bs?

  2. peachstealth says:

    You hit a pet peeve of mine. It should be fewer vacant store fronts.
    Fewer is for things you count, less is for things you measure.
    My tank holds less gas than yours.
    My tank holds fewer gallons than yours.

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- North Korea is threatening war with South Korea again.”

    Sounds like the North Korean government is out of money, AGAIN…

  4. Cassandra says:

    Now then, I have postulated that POTUS will be tweeted into office and that the popular vote be durned, he’ll win it in the electoral college. POTUS is a Chicago pol, no tougher a match, he’s calculatin’, cajoling, using all the forces of Federal largesse, to win those 270 collegiate votes.

    Univ of VA Larry Sabato has taken my worst fears and quantified them for those math-minded political wonk/ettes among you:

    BTW, Sabato also predicts presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s faith will be an issue. I think he is wrong on that one, but I predict pol-ops will frame the choices along these lines:

    “2012: YOUR CHOICE: No controversial president with unemployment over 8% could possibly be reelected. No Mormon candidate, especially one who lacks a common touch, could possibly be elected.”

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