Morning Reads for Monday, April 23rd

Morning Reads got cut short this morning thanks to Comcast. Apologies.

Here in Georgia…
– Joanie Scott has the latest on shady deals in Henry County.
– The State Board of Education approved a contract last week related to Race to the Top.
– The Heritage Foundation chats with sometimes libertarian Neal Boortz.

National stories of interest…
– George Zimmerman was released from jail overnight.
– The Supreme Court will hear the final oral arguments this week over Arizona’s restrictionist immigration law.
– The middle class is bolting from California.
– Dan Mitchell compares Obamanomics and Reaganomics.
– The tax code does not create income inequality.
All the signs are there for another economic slowdown.
– Nancy Pelosi wants to change the First Amendment.
– Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) may not vote for Obama.

A few that I like…
D-Backs: 6, Braves: 4
– America hates Los Angeles.
– Here’s how to make your grass look a MLB playing surface.
– Hot Wat Music released some new tunes.


  1. saltycracker says:

    For all you steak & taco lovers out there kiss our congr-ass-ional grits !

    Winner: Corn Growers for ethanol
    Loosers: U.S. Consumers of corn products for food or feed

    bits & pieces of –
    Forbes: How A Dumb Law Blocks A Great Way To Fuel America

    Since 2005, when Congress required that ethanol be added to your gas tank, U.S. corn prices have tripled.

    Celanese makes its ethanol by tearing apart and recombining the hydrocarbons found in plentiful natural gas or coal. “We have the best gas-to-liquids and coal-to-liquids technology in the world,” he says. If it works, what Sterin is building will revolutionize the fuel industry. But that’s a very big if.

    The problem isn’t science. It’s Washington. Thanks to the 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard law, gasoline refiners are mandated to blend so much plant-based or renewable ethanol into the gas supply that it prevents Celanese or any other fossil-fuel-based ethanols from even competing for the market.

    What if Washington doesn’t get aboard? No matter, says Sterin. China sees ethanol as a vital fuel, but with so many mouths to feed it can’t waste farmland growing it.

    Even so, he’s hoping politicians will at least give Celanese a shot at competing in America. “We don’t need subsidies,” says Sterin. “We’re ready to go.”

  2. Cassandra says:

    Now then, I have postulated that POTUS will be tweeted into office and that the popular vote be durned, he’ll win it in the electoral college. POTUS is a Chicago pol, no tougher a match, he’s calculatin’, cajoling, using all the forces of Federal largesse, to win those 270 collegiate votes.

    Univ of VA Larry Sabato has taken my worst fears and quantified them for those math-minded political wonk/ettes among you:

    BTW, Sabato also predicts presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s faith will be an issue. I think he is wrong on that one, but I predict pol-ops will frame the choices along these lines:

    “2012: YOUR CHOICE: No controversial president with unemployment over 8% could possibly be reelected. No Mormon candidate, especially one who lacks a common touch, could possibly be elected.”

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