Comedian Ron White Vows To Save Principal’s Job

As mentioned in the Morning Reads a few days ago, the Principal at Columbus High School was reassigned after showing a clip of comedian Ron White’s act called “you can’t fix stupid.” White responded via Twitter (language warning) vowing to get the Principal his old job back. Students have also come to the Princpal’s defense.

At 8 a.m. Wednesday, a half-hour before the late bell rang, about 200 students gathered in the Columbus High School parking lot and started chanting, “We want Crumbs! We want Crumbs!”

Many were standing on cars and trucks, and most were wearing black shirts to create a black-out, something the student body does periodically to mark important events.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer article, Crumbs apologized the next day to the teachers who saw the video.


  1. Three Jack says:

    I’m shocked the race warlords haven’t jumped on this case. White superintendent ‘reassigns’ the black principal with a good track record for something so minor as showing a funny video. This case actually merits some investigation as opposed to the one in Florida where Sharpton, Jackson, et al are currently waging their race war.

  2. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I knew Dr. Crumbs when he was assistant principle a few years ago, he is an awesome guy. He is the type of person, kids and parents want as principle, and much, much better then the shady lady CHS had a few years ago, who was also forced to “resign” when she was caught trying to cover up a sex scandel between one of her teachers and a (adult) student.

    I agree with TJ, where are race war lords, here is a young, smart, well liked black guy, who was fired for showing a COMEDY clip to a group of ADULTS, and its the HS kids and Ron White of all people that are coming to his defense.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Reassigned not fired according to post.

    Intolerance and over reaction in the Bible belt BUT he had to know he was creating a controversy as the video (funny one !) involved boobs, smoking & drinking to tell a joke to adults, well, civil servants…..

    A simple, are you stupid, what the heck were you thinkin’ would suffice….

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