Morning Reads for Thursday, April 19th

Here in Georgia…
– Unemployment is down for the eighth straight month.
– Emory has lost records of over 300,000 patients.
– Newt Gingrich’s supporters from Georgia are staying him, despite Mitt Romney being the presumptive nominee.
– Drought conditions are returning to Georgia.
– Ken Britt, vice president of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s LBGT Caucus, is running for the legislature.
– John Sugg offers some advice for Kasim Reed.
– Despite successes in passing Sunday sales in some cities and counties, others still haven’t brought the measure up for a vote.
– GA 400 will get a new lane beginning next month.

National stories of interest…
– WaPo explains that President Obama’s latest gimmick, a proposed crackdown on oil speculators, won’t do anything to help bring down gas prices.
– It’s still the economy, stupid. Social issues concern voters the least.
– The case against George Zimmerman got a little stranger yesterday.
– James Pethokoukis explains why the US can’t go back to the super-high tax rates from the 1950s.
– Spain is having some serious economic issues right now.
– More than 70% of Americans back voter ID laws.
– Heritage goes over new research showing that cutting spending boosts the economy.
– Joe Kennedy, III says that oil needs to be much more expensive.
– It’s never too early to look ahead to 2016, right?
– Minimum wage increases don’t help the poor.

A few that I like…
Braves: 14, Mets: 6
– “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you are a member of Congress, but I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain
– Mark Schlabach discusses marijuana and college football.
– With store closings, Best Buy is expected to have deals for customers.
– Some details for the 2012 Chick-Fil-A Bowl have been announced.
– A village in Austria may change their, um, very odd name.
– At 49, Jamie Moyer is the oldest pitcher to win a game in the MLB.


  1. Max Power says:

    – Minimum wage increases don’t help the poor.

    From the story

    “Increases in minimum wage are appealing on one hand because the poorest of the poor very often are trying to work and make ends meet but a number of them are actually better off through other policy options such as the earned income tax credit,” he tells WSB’s Sandra Parrish.

    I never thought I would see the day Jason would advocate transfer payments from the government over work. 😉

  2. Harry says:

    A message to those Newt supporters staying the course. According to Drudge, “Newt’s Secret Service detail likely costing taxpayers tens of thousands per day…”

  3. Rick Day says:

    The espn article on cannabis use among *gasp* college students who happen to be athletic (yeah, that is were I draw a distinction).

    The situation is ‘sobering’.

    (I actually typed that with a ‘straight’ face)

    How many Bulldog fans are there in the Lege? What if…star player got ARRESTED for a roach? What if the coach…!

    In the comments, one ex jock said he would not be surprised if 20% of the athletes DIDN’T inhale, instead of the opposite reported. 80% is damn near mainstream. Lege has 2 new voting generations exposed to cannabis culture (Willie, Snoop, et al). These old Jim Crow cannabis state statutes deserves an overhaul as part of CJR 2.0: The Meat of the Issue™.

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