Georgia Department of Labor Announces Office Closures and Staff Realignments

The Georgia Department of Labor announced that it would not be renewing the leases on 7 offices that operate as career centers around the state:

No GDOL employees will lose their jobs as a result of these office closures. A total of 61 employees will be relocated to nearby offices where they will serve to ease existing staff shortages.

Realignments include the following:

  Location Closure   Alternate Location
  Blairsville   Blue Ridge
  Camilla   Moultrie
  Eastman   Dublin
  Elberton   Athens
  Kings Bay   Waycross or Brunswick
  Monroe   Covington or Athens
  Northwest Georgia   Dalton

Several criteria were used when making the decision for realignment, including the proximity of the offices to other career centers, the number of customers and staff affected, and the length and terms of the lease agreements for each office.

There’s an article over on the Walker County Messenger’s site about the Department of Labor’s office closure in Fort Oglethorpe.


  1. saltycracker says:

    “No GDOL employees will lose their jobs as a result of these office closures. ”

    Government is all about employee retention in tight times & expansion over time.
    Temporary cutbacks are early retirement programs.
    No one told them costs come mainly from employees.

  2. fishtail says:

    Labor Commissioner Mark Butler is doing his best to positively spin the brutal ass-kicking he just received from Governor Nathan Deal. Butler lost over half of his 4,000 employees due to Deal’s transfer of employees from Labor to the Department of Human Services (DHS). Butler may be spending less on Labor Department rents but the Labor Department rent decrease will be more than offset by increases at DHS office rentals to accommodate the ex-Labor employees.. So there will be zero actual savings for the taxpayers of Georgia. Speculation as to Butler’s problems with Deal’s office are rampant, but most observers think that his outfront support of Karen Handel’s Governor’s bid was the kiss of death for Butler.

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