Republicans Across State Convene District Conventions

Today, Republicans across the state will take another step in the convention step process, but will have the first shot of electing the folks who will actually nominate the Republican candidate for president.  Most of the delegates elected today will be legally bound to Newt Gingrich for the first two ballots (unless he were to release them).  Out of 76 delegates to the Republican National Convention, 42 delegates and 42 alternates will be elected today (3 delegates and 3 alternates from each of Georgia’s 14 congressional districts).

This will be the first convention for the 14th Congressional District, and I have the honor of serving as the resolutions chairman for our convention.  Feel free to give updates on what’s going on around the state in your respective districts in the comments.



  1. Charlie says:

    I’m told there will be two significant coordinated efforts across districts to pass resolutions.

    One will be to pass a resolution to show support for significant ethics reform, since our legislators remain unconvinced there is a problem. After all, they’ve been doing this for years and they keep getting re-elected.

    The other is a bit more unique or at least coming from somewhat off the radar. There will be resolutions requested at many conventions asking for a show of disapproval for the “hospital bed tax” passed during governor Perdue’s administration. This is apparently a preview for a fight that will occur during the next legislative session.

    • Bridget says:

      I spoke to Senator Tippens about my distaste for “the Don Balfour situation” this morning. He was cordial in his response as he has to be, but I think my point was heard.

    • Joseph says:

      2nd District unanimously approved both Resolutions (anti-Bed-Tax and Ethics) adding two provisions to the Ethics resolution – (1) Requesting that the reform be passed in the 2013 session (2) That the Governor and Appropriations adequately funds the Ethics commission to do its job.

      Convention adjourned at 11:45.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Cherokee Co. will vote on a HOST in November to offset county property taxes

    Deal signs homestead option sales tax bill

    by Kristal Dixon
    Cherokee Tribune
    April 14, 2012

    CANTON — Gov. Nathan Deal has paved the way for Cherokee County residents to
    consider approving a method that would reduce their property taxes.

    On Thursday, Gov. Deal signed the bill into law to allow the county to place a
    referendum on the ballot in November for voters to consider imposing a homestead
    option sales tax, or HOST.

    The tax would mean an additional penny would be paid in sales tax in
    unincorporated Cherokee County and in its cities, and the funds generated by the
    new sales tax would reduce the amount of property taxes paid.

    The HOST does not roll back property taxes for the fire district or school
    property taxes.

    County Commission Chairman Buzz Ahrens has said the penny is expected to
    generate roughly $30 million in tax revenues per year for the county that could
    be applied to approximately 49,000 residential properties receiving the $5,000
    homestead exemption.

    Ahrens said he was excited to see Deal sign the legislation.

    “This is a great example of planning and execution,” he said, adding the county
    began planning its request for local legislation in December and had the full
    support of Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), who sponsored the
    legislation during the 2012 Georgia General Assembly’s legislative session.

    Ahrens added the county will use the time between the July 31 primary to the
    Nov. 6 election to educate voters on the referendum.

    County Manager Jerry Cooper said he expects the commission to formally ask the
    Cherokee County Elections and Registration’s board of directors to place the
    referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot after the primary.

    Georgia law allows local counties to use up to 20 percent of HOST proceeds
    toward capital projects, which would leave the county with 80 percent, or
    roughly $24 million, to increase homestead exemptions.

    The county worked closely with Rogers to pass the measure. Rogers also applauded
    the governor’s decision.

    “The passage of this measure will earn Cherokee County the distinction of having
    some of the lowest property taxes in the state for homeowners,” he said, adding
    it would also make the county one of the locations with the lowest property tax
    burden for seniors in the state.\

      • That is untrue, Daniel. The Homestead Option Sales Tax has lowered property taxes quite a bit in DeKalb County, actually. If the HOST were not in place today there, property taxes would be much higher.

    • Bridget says:


      A young Paulista was given time to address the entire convention in a spirit of cooperation. He started his speech by addressing ‘the elephant in the room” – nyuk nyuk nyuk. It was fine until he went into an awkward confession and apology of his poor behavior in Cherokee a few years ago.

      We start the business portion of the convention in about 15 minutes.

  3. John Vestal says:

    Sounds like District 10 is dealing with the aftermath of the grease fire that was the Clarke Co GOP Convention, where it appears numerous parliamentary pooches were procedurally screwed.

  4. Bridget says:

    Cobb has just started official business. Pete Costello is our Convention Chairman. We’re currently trying to get the Rules of the Convention passed. It’s starting to get nit-picky, but it’s still polite and orderly.

    • Bridget says:

      Rules are passed as originally proposed. The convention overwhelmingly voted that video taping will not be allowed unless you are part of the official press.

      • Bridget says:

        Nominating Committee Chairman Linda Parker is addressing the convention. About to get the report of delegates and alternates to the National Convention. Processed 56 applications.

  5. Bridget says:

    Recommendation of Nominating Committee
    Delegate 1 – Newt – Judy Griffin
    Delegate 2 – Newt – Joe Dendy
    Delegate 3 – Romney – Barry Loudermilk

    Alternate 1 – Newt – Brad Carver
    Alternat 2 – Newt – Marinski?
    Alternate 3 – Romney – Rose Wing
    Slot 1 – Boyd parks challenging Judy Griffin. They’re now about to speak. It’s the only slot challenged.

    • Bridget says:

      Final Results for Delegates to National Convention
      1 – Judy Griffin
      2 – Joe Dendy
      3 – Barry Loudermilk

      Voting on Alternates now –
      Ted Lawhead and Charles Gregory are running against Brad Carver. Bob Shaw is endorsing fellow Young Republican Major Brad Carver. I sure hope he wins… 🙂

        • Bridget says:

          Brad handily won. Sweet.

          Sorry folks – not a heckuva lot of drama here today in the 11th. I’m personally ready to get out of here. It’s moving along, and there aren’t really any stall tactics, but the pattern seems to be to challenge the nominated folks, get voted down, and move on to the next item.

          • Bridget says:

            I was just handed a printed Paulista cheat sheet for nominating people. It’s on par with exactly what’s happening on the floor, but ehh – still not that interesting.

            Final Results for Alternates
            1 – Brad Carver
            2 – Larry Mrozinki
            3 – Rick Davies

            Cherokee GOP pooled votes to replace Cobb’s First VC Rose Wing with the Cherokee VC of Communications Rick Davies.

            We are adjourned. Congrats to everyone headed to Tampa.

              • Bridget says:

                A protege? She’d probably recognize my face, but I doubt she knows my name – so no.

                I have respect for her though. Campaigns are won or lost by fundraising; I hear that’s one of her greatest strengths. Look around – it’s red for as far as the eye can see. No, she didn’t do it by herself, but I think she holds her own.

  6. 6th District Republican Convention business over at 11:45. Congratulations to my friends, GOP National Delegates Patrick L. Burns, Lynne Riley and Anne Lewis with the Alternates Suzi Voyles, Ric Mayfield and Dan Israel.

    All the committees worked fairly and efficiently. A Ron Paul supporter even got up in announcements and applauded how fair the process was.

  7. The 7th district wrapped up at about 11:45. The nominating committee’s slate of delegates and alternates were accepted and approved. Please don’t ask me their names because I can’t recall all of them. Of the 3 delegates and 3 alternates (a total of 6 people) half came from Forsyth and half came from Gwinnett. I’m told all will be attending their first national convention and all are long- time GOP activists.

    Peace for our time!

  8. PegM says:

    The delegates and alternates for the 7th congressional district were allocated according to the vote percentages in the Presidential Primary. Newt Gingrich will take two alternates and two delegates to Tampa, and Romney has one delegate and one alternate. They are obligated to vote that way on the first ballot unless a candidate withdraws or releases his delegates. The delegates are: Jason Thompson, Peggy Green, (Gingrich) Joan Zellner (Romney) The alternates are: Richard Ward, Judy Bailey (Gingrich) John Mara (sp?) (Romney).

  9. Charlie says:

    Well, according to the twitter, not only are the 13th District festivities still continuing, but the entire Henry County Delegation has been removed from the convention.

    Have I mentioned lately that it is entirely too sunny to waste a day like this?

    • Charlie says:

      I received the following regarding the 13th district:

      The entire Henry Delegation did not get thrown out. The Credentials had few challenges, couple from Cobb, which they voted to dismiss and it took one hour as they had to read all the allegations. Henry County also had a challenge to Credentials with videos and eye witness .. Their Chairman was interviewed and asked to offer any suggestions to them, but I was told that the Chairman told the Credentials that they have no authority and cant do anything. So to be fair, they allowed out of 24 delegates for Henry 13 of them to remain and 6 who were on the Appeal and rest who were Alternates that moved up. They had full 24 delegates.

      Vikki from Henry who was one of the Delegates, laid down on the entrance and was yelling, blocking the traffic in and out of the convention hall. It was awful, they would not allow for pledge, prayer or national anthem. Then when order was called, one stood up and said “terrorist go home”. Other interesting words were also said.

      The Ron Paul people were the BEST, I mean they never made one sound. It was the traditional GOP people who were awful.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        There are other things a foot in the Henry County GOP. I hope that was not the cause of the trouble at the Thirteenth District GOP Convention. I reached out the Ron Paul people from Clark County when I thought they weren’t given a fair shake. (yes, me.) I don’t mind seeing people lose, especially when I don’t support their cause, but I hate it when people don’t play by the rules. Henry County has been contentious for a year or two now.

        The 13th appears to have had several different volitions of the Rules and Roberts Rules of Order. I don’t know how the change in the Henry County GOP delegation composition may have changed who was elected to Tampa, but I feel bad for anyone who played by the rules and was not properly allowed to participate.

      • jstjoan says:

        I am in the 3rd District so I was not at the 13th convention yesterday. However, some you may know that I blog Henry County politics so I’ve been following this situation closely. And, as a member of the Henry County GOP (albeit not in the 13th) I have a vested interest in this matter.

        I am hopeful there will be an official investigation into what transpired yesterday at the 13th. That being said, since a picture is already being painted by other commenters here in this thread, I’d like to share what I’ve learned from several people I’ve spoken who were there. It appears several rules may have been broken by the Chair of the 13th District, Sahar Hekmati.

        First, she allegedly appointed Chip Flannigan as convention chair instead of allowing the body to elect one as per the rules. Second, Henry County was allegedly not allowed to caucus and move their own alternates up into the vacant delegate seats, but instead Hekmati decided which of Henry Alternates were moved up. Hekmati also allegedly allowed a person who was attending the convention as a guest to be moved up as a delegate, this a person who had not been elected by the County as either an alternate or a delegate.

        If any of these things did indeed happen then it is a clear Hekmati was the one who violated the rules and not the Henry County Delegates. I look forward to a full investigation by GA GOP Chairman Sue Everhart and holding all responsible parties accountable.

        • jstjoan says:


          I am told the Agenda nor the Rules were presented to the body for adoption and that the convention was never officially convened. One Henry Delegate was threatened with felony arrest by a Sgt. at Arms for attempting to make a point of order related to the agenda.

          There were, I am told, at least 18 Henry County delegates who yesterday arrived, registered, paid, and were give name tags indicating they were Delegates who were then unseated with no explanation and replaced by the Chair and the Credentials Committee with their own selection of alternates and one guest. In other words, the alternates (and one guest) replaced the delegates who were duly elected at the County Convention and in attendance yesterday. When some of them rose with a point of order for an explanation they were told they were out of ordered and threatened with ejection.

          Delegates from Cobb were also threatened with ejection when they tried to complain. One individual from Douglas County was also removed. Another individual from Douglas County left when he was allegedly accosted outside the convention hall for handing out leaflets while the rules only addresses such literature INSIDE the convention hall.

          As to Charlie’s anonymous letter-writer, the incident with Vikki was a result of the Chair having police physically remove her from the convention for making a point of order about the unseated Henry County delegates. And, the claim that “they had full 24 delegates” is disingenuous because what they ended up with were not the duly elected by the County.

          • CNFPP says:

            I’ve verified the issue with Vikki with a friend in Cobb who agrees with story that she was ejected for little more than simply making a point of order. After talking to several people, including some of the folks in Henry County, the consistent story I’m getting is pretty much the same as jstjoan.

            As I understand it, Sahar is challenging the delegates elected by the Henry County Convention last month. Her allegations, if true, would constitute a serious violation of the rules. However, the result should have been, if the challenge to Henry County’s delegation is still under review and pending, is that the entire Henry County delegation should not have been allowed to attend. In other words, while the challenge is open, they should not have been allowed to register, told not to pay fees, not given delegate badges, etc.

            The Credentials Committee seems to have taken it upon themselves to decide who should and should not be delegates from Henry. What’s more, as I understand it, part of Sahar’s challenge stems from the fact that she was not elected a delegate or alternate for District. The Credential’s Committee apparently made her a delegate to the district convention. The Credentials Committee does not have that authority and their actions should basically void the convention.

            There were other issues, some that have already been mentioned, that seem to be consistent as well.
            1. (Congressional Candidate) Chip Flanagan was never properly elected Convention Chair once Sahar appointed him;
            2. There was never a motion to actually adopt the Credentials Committee report;
            3. The agenda was not kept to;
            4. Chip refused to recognize people and threatened them with expulsion when they made inquiries.

      • Georgiagma says:

        Charlie, you might want to check out your source & the facts before posting. We are new to Henry County & this was our first District Convention as a Delegate from Henry County. We have been Delegates over the past 15+ years from other counties. Therefore, we had no personal agenda other to spend our time participating in this District Convention. I have no idea who the “Ron Paul supporters” were, & it made no difference to me. What I DO KNOW, is the Convention was NOT conducted according to the Rules, but in DIRECT VIOLATION of many of them! I was not called to be seated as a Delegate although my name tag I received at check-in confirmed I was authorized to be one, as did the paperwork sent to the Georgia State Republican Party after the Henry County Convention. To continually THROW PEOPLE OUT of a Convention for attempting to get recognized in order to point out the Rules were being ignored seemed like something out of a Third World Country. We actually were intimidated (as intended?) & afraid to speak out for fear we would be next. I won’t hold my breath awaiting an apology from those “in charge” of this blantant disregard for the Rules. On another note, a certain candidate-to-be who participated might want to rethink putting out any money to qualify.

        • Charlie says:


          I noted what was on twitter. I noted what was sent to me in response. That is all.

          I learned a long time ago I would never be the arbiter of fact at any contested gathering of disgruntled GOP partisans.

          I also learned a long time ago that I would not give a damn about such things, as neither does the rest of the world that remained sane enough to avoid such gatherings and refused to allow themselves to be held hostage on a beautifyl Saturday by any group of folks willing to go to these lengths to settle some kind of internal petty grievance.

          Typing EVERY OTHER set of WORDS IN all caps WILL NOT make me CARE ANY more, and IT WOULD be impossible FOR ME to care ANY LESS.

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Oh come on, Charlie, nobody can resist the urge to take an extended glance at the carnage in the wake of a car wreck on the side of the road.

            You do, after all, spend a great deal of time under the Gold Dome while the Legislature is in session.

            Then again, these contentious party conventions can’t even compare to the grand shipwrecks that the Legislature have become in recent years.

            And let’s not even mention the grand catastrophic masterpiece that our political “leaders” are very hard at work creating in Washington….

            • Charlie says:

              I’m happy for anyone that wants to take more than an extended glance.

              I’m not happy to be routinely drug into the middle of fights that mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

              The 13th district folks are more than welcome to fight out their versions of the truth right here if they want. I just don’t need a lecture from a first time commenter telling me that I have to accept one version of these facts before I can pass along information in the comments section.

              • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

                I definitely get your drift.

                The beef that goes on in the 13th District is between the parties involved.

                I myself am just slowing down to rubberneck while driving by the scene of this particular political automobile wreck better known as the 13th District GOP Convention.

  10. Ken says:

    The 8th Congressional District GOP Convention was held in Tifton. Total voting strength was 185. Eighth Congressional District Chairman Vivian Childs convened the meeting but stepped aside because she was seeking a delegate slot to the national convention. Rusty Simpson chaired the convention.

    The meeting ran smoothly with 4 slates being nominated from the floor. The slate brought forth by the nominations committee, chaired by Bryce Johnson, was a good cross-section of the delegates and won on the first ballot with 115 ayes.

    Convention ended before Noon. I had to leave, but did see Representative Austin Scott in attendance at the luncheon and spoke with him and Vivien briefly.

    No gunfire, no stabbings and no public meltdowns in the convention. A good time was had by many.

    • Some Other Valerie says:

      Ken forgot to include names so I’ll help him out:

      8th District Delegates:
      Vivian Childs
      Roy Campbell
      Jason Downey

      8th District Alternates:
      Valerie Sargent Martin
      Barbara Schmader
      Lott Dill

  11. JRM2016 says:

    3rd District just recessed. Coming back in at 3 pm to vote on Resolutions and Nominating Committee reports.

  12. Calypso says:

    I mowed my lawn, planted some marigold seeds, and helped Mrs. Calypso flip the king-sized mattress on our bed.

  13. GOPObserver says:

    The 10th District convention adjourned around 12:30. It was much calmer than expected. The names presented by the nominating committee were elected. Elected as delegates to the national convention were Bruce Williamson (Walton County), Debbie Dooley (Gwinnett County) and Brian Burdette (Greene County). Alternates elected were Kirk Shook (Oglethorpe County), Maria Caudill (Oconee County) and Andrew Strickland (Baldwin County). Dooley was challenged from the floor by Lori Bone of Clarke County. Caudill was challenged by Greg Morin, also of Oconee County. Strickland was challenged by Bruno Rivera of Clarke County. All who were elected won by large margins.

    One resolution supporting the FairTax was introduced and adopted.

  14. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The 11th was a little long, but fairly orderly…Sen. Barry Loudermilk was the only one elected delegate without opposition. It probably helped that the young man who spoke at the beginning about the “elephant in the room” stood up and endorsed him…then anyone else nominated declined to run against the Senator.

    I’m very, very glad we adjourned right after nominations…

      • jstjoan says:

        3rd District Delegates: Kathy Noble of Spalding. Brent Frost of Coweta. Marty Harbin Fayette.

        Alternates: Vicki Temple of Henry. Ben Johnson of Spalding. Can’t remember name of the final alternate. By the time we adjourned at 6:45pm we were all ready to get out of there.

  15. CNFPP says:

    I’ve been down sick for most of the week and decided not to potentially infect the entire 11th District by attending. Looks like I didn’t miss much.

    From what I’m hearing though, the 13th was a complete disaster with Cobb Sheriff’s Deputies being asked to remove anyone who dared question the credentials committee report, including, as mentioned above, the Henry County delegation.

  16. Tiberius says:

    5th CD—2nd hand report—about 50 people attended and the nomination slate won. They adjourned about 12:30pm.

  17. chefdavid says:

    I can say I fully enjoyed the 14th. Glen Richardson was most judicious chairing the convention. No big surprises that I could tell. I was encouraged by the Catoosa Party. They had a lot of young people there. They were full of energy. Don’t know if they were paulbots, but I hope they stay active. In full disclosure I am a fan of the former speaker.

    • Nathan says:

      It was enjoyable. I believe some of the squabbling over 2 of the resolutions was ridiculous, but that’s what we’re here for. I did appreciate Glenn Richardson chairing the convention. He did a great job and was very gracious towards a couple of the Ron Paulers. Congratulations to those who were elected as delegates and alternates to the national convention! Layla Shipman and Teresa Tatum were among the delegates, and Joseph Gullett and Elliott Echols were among the alternates elected. I cant recall the other two names right now. Very nice first convention of the 14th Congressional District GOP at my alma mater!

  18. Mize1970 says:

    13th District CD was a train wreck. I’m still trying to figure out what happened.

    I’m no Paul-supporter, but my hat is off to the folks I recognized as such. They were truly the grown-ups in the room. Candidly, I think the furor had little to do with who you were for; it truly appeared to be a matter of old grudges and stuff that probably goes a ways back.

    • valfree2012 says:

      Yes. There was drama and antics in district 13. The Ron Paul supporters seemed to be among the mature crowd, and yes – it was obvious the dissention in the room was more about long-standing personal riffs between individual or groups than about who any of them supported. It was clear a group of people in the back of the room came with a mission to disrupt the convention and show out rather than show respect for the convention, the officers or anyone in the room. Very immature. I was glad to see a good number of them removed.

      • Georgiagma says:

        Excuse me, but we are new to Henry County & this was our first District Convention as a Delegate from Henry County. We have been Delegates over the past 15+ years from other counties. Therefore, we had no “mission to disrupt” or “personal riffs”. I have no idea who the “Ron Paul supporters” were, & it made no difference to me. What I DO KNOW, is the Convention was NOT conducted according to the Rules, but in DIRECT VIOLATION of many of them! I was not called to be seated as a Delegate although my name tag I received at check-in confirmed I was authorized to be one, as did the paperwork sent to the Georgia State Republican Party after the Henry County Convention. To continually THROW PEOPLE OUT of a Convention for attempting to get recognized in order to point out the Rules were being ignored seemed like something out of a Third World Country. We actually were intimidated (as intended?) & afraid to speak out for fear we would be next. I won’t hold my breath awaiting an apology from those “in charge” of this blantant disregard for the Rules. On another note, a certain candidate-to-be might want to rethink putting out any money to qualify.

    • Julie Camp says:

      Train wreck is a mild term for that mess. There was no recognition of any point of order! There was no agenda, we were not allowed to vote on a chair, we had to beg for an invocation. Each time any thing was questioned or rules brought up, we were threatened with expulsion. I felt as if I had taken a wrong turn and wound up in Chavez’s world. I’ve never seen such blatant hatred for the GOP by any one person. The chair of the 13th is obviously not a fan of the party. She has caused problems in Henry for years and brought them to our convention. Changed the delegates that her county voted on for her gain. She had the police physically remove delegates that Henry GOP members had sent to represent their group. Her flunky denied a man to nominate himself to go to National. He was a delegate and was told he could not nominate himself because the chair took his delegate status away. I was shocked!

      I’m from Douglas County and one of our members was physically removed for bringing in rules that the chair herself had passed back in March. The very same rules that applied to this convention, the very same rules delegates had not been privy to. I have heard some had copies of these rules, but my husband and I did not know they existed. Any one caught with those rules in their hand was threatened. Sixteen year old children were threatened. The chair walked up and down the aisle as the “voting” began and glared at us, almost daring us to say something. I did. I told her she could not bother the delegates while we were “voting”. She was not a delegate and should not have been with us. I say “voting”, we never had the chance. We were never given a list of those that went through the process of nomination.

      The drama (and horrific behavior) is always brought on by one person in our district. There is one factor here and that is the chair for district 13. She is no longer a part of the GFRW and Henry County has tried to remover her. I want to see action from the state before we lose more Republicans in this area. We’ve already lost a few because of this woman.

  19. Holly says:

    The 12th District in Vidalia went long, but everyone was in good spirits. We adopted several rules changes, the most important of which had to do with the areas from which delegates were elected. We adopted two resolutions – one calling on a return to fiat money and one condemning Section 1021 of the NDAA. The four Republicans running to replace John Barrow also spoke to the group.

    Our delegates elected were as follows:

    Gingrich 1 – Lawton Sack
    Gingrich 2 – Nancy Bobbitt
    Santorum 1 – Catherine Bernard

    Our alternates elected were as follows:

    Gingrich 1 – Daniel Burton
    Gingrich 2 – Megan Seda
    Santorum 1 – Linda Clarkson

    I think we got to the restaurant for lunch at 3, but that may have been because I had some cleanup responsibilities to take care of first.

  20. atticuspatton says:

    9th District, nearly 400 folks registered. Delegates : Jim pilgrim, Melanie Crozier and Andrew Turnage.

  21. saltycracker says:

    From ABC news:

    Democratic strategist and DNC adviser Hilary Rosen lobbed an insult at Ann Romney, suggesting that the 64-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 16 had never held a job.

    “Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” said Rosen, who was being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the “war on women.”

    on Twitter: @AnnDRomney.
    “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work,” Ann tweeted.

    After some Demo’s objected, Rosen danced around but held firm to her comment.

    Other news: The Obama’s are taking every tax advantage they can paying 20.5%, less rate than his secretary and transferring $48K tax free to their children while attacking Romney.

  22. Doug Grammer says:

    In the 14th,

    Teresa Tatum, founder of the Catoosa County TEA party (who cited one of her first GOP experiences as helping my mother back in 1994)
    Lala Shipman, a contender for National YR Woman of the year
    Stefan Passantino, asst gen counsel to the GA GOP

    Elliott Echols, CR State Chairman
    Joseph Gullet, Chairman of the Paulding County GOP
    Hoyt Brown, Veteran who challenged my friend Phil Neff, long time activist and former GA GOP Treasurer (who would have won had he not withdrawn)

  23. John Vestal says:

    Never having been involved with conventions at any level, I am want to ask….

    Is the kind of shenanigans that reportedly occurred at both the Clarke County and 13th CD conventions the exception or the rule, and….

    Does anything ever come about from it? If not, why not?

    • CNFPP says:

      John, I’ve been going to these things since 2001 and I can count on one hand the number of conventions that have had these kinds of shenanigans. Mostly, people try, and do, the right thing. As to the second question, the State Party has very little authority to intervene, trusting that people in the counties and districts that are affected, will take care of the matter with the tools provided to them to do just that.


        The shenanigans in the 13th were from the people trying to be disruptive even before the convention convened ! i was there ,more like a bunch of democrats protesting one woman was even singing we shall overcome

  24. A Cobb Republican says:

    Pardon me, but I believe that if a county convention or what the party officials claim is a county convention is done illegally, the majority can hold a rump convention (as Athens/Clarke County did) pass a resolution electing its own people to the district and state conventions, which they will submit to the district and state conventions, as the true, lawful slate.

    Then the credentials committees at the district and state conventions have to vote to decide which slate to seat as the real one.

    So the state party can do something.

    • Mize1970 says:

      Interesting. I have no quarrel with the slate that was sent up per se (and the Cobb County representative is a friend) but it would be interesting if, say, the Henry County folks did something like that for the 13th.

      • A Cobb Republican says:

        That would be the credentials committee of the national convention (or the convention itself) that would adjudicate.

        • CNFPP says:

          Yes and no. Violations of Party rules is something the GAGOP can always adjuducate. If Party rules, including county rules (for the original convention in Henry County), District Rules, State Rules, the Convention Call, Robert’s Rules of Order or state statute was violated, then the State Party would have jurisdiction.

          You are correct though in that there is also the option of the credentials committee(s) (State Party for the Henry Co. delegation and RNC for the 13th District delegation) deciding if delegates were duly elected if another group appeals the election. It’s not the RNC’s job to interpret these documents and decide what happened. I would agree that the likelihood of a credentials appeal would have a stronger basis if there were two slates elected with two sets of delegates in contention.

          Rather than singing “We Shall Overcome,” the Henry County delegation could have been more constructive if they had staged a walkout with other delegations and elected another slate.

          If the GAGOP overturns the 13th District Convention, the Executive Committee of the Party gets to elect the delegates/alternates. They could choose some or all of the 6 people elected at the 13th.

          The easiest thing would be for the GAGOP to declare the convention vote invalid, but to send a message to both Henry County and Sahar that two wrongs don’t make a right, have the Executive Committee elect the slate elected at the 13th with a replacement for Sahar. It would show leadership by the state party and neither side could claim the GAGOP was showing favoritism.

          Maybe by 2016 these folks can figure it out and get past their infighting. The rest of us need to stop rubber necking at the train wreck and move on.

  25. Lensman_49 says:

    I was at the 13th District Convention as a Delegate from Cobb Co. According to my notes The listed problems are correct. Flanagan was never voted in as charman. The Credentials committee report was never voted on. there was a printed piece of paper labeled as an Agenda circulated on the floor but it was never voted on and was not followed. Some items were done but not in the sequence described and some were not done at all. Flanagan refused to recognize people with reasonable questions or points of order and sent them to a penalty box area on the first “offence” and then had them ejected from the room at the 2nd “offence”. I am ashamed to be associated with such outrageous behavior.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Penalty box?

      So that’s where the Macon Whoopees went after they got kicked out of Macon.

      Seriously though, that’s pretty bad.

      We had no penalty boxes, just the usual sighing, huffing, and puffing from the regulars, whenever the slate didn’t pass in a traditional, rubber-stamped fashion on the first attempt. I was personally disappointed in the outcome of GA-2 (most readers here probably know why), but I will say that at least the chairman had thick-skin—which is a respectable quality for a chairman to have, I suppose.

      Not much happens down here in the 2nd, so seeing people asking questions was probably the most exciting thing to happen at convention in years.

      I can’t imagine what would have happened if folks had jumped up and started playing hockey.

  26. sickoftheliars says:

    all of you “rocket scientists” maybe should just read the GA State GOP rules, the 13th District Rules, and the Henry County Rules before you continue your ramblings sounding just like the main stream media convicting people without due process. Anyone who would defend the way the 13th District convention was run really does not have a clue!

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I find it interesting that when you go to the Henry County GOP website that the officers and rules are not available for the public to see. It’s kind of hard for the average person to read the Henry GOP rules. Before you invite the general public to read something, you might want to see if it’s available. (I already have my copy.)

      I haven’t send anyone defend the 13th convention, but I also find it interesting that you call for all of us to condemn the 13th convention, but you also talk about convicting without due process. I’ve talked to people who attended that convention. There are things that happened that should not have happened. As CNFPP suggested, if I were still on that GA GOP EC, I would be in favor of throwing the convention out and letting the EC pick delegates and alternates from the 13th. However, as you stated, we have to wait for due process to unfold.

  27. SallyForth says:

    Batten down the hatches – the Democratic Party is holding their Delegate elections tomorrow, and those mad houses will not be pretty! The Georgia party chose not to even acknowledge the existence of CD-14. They are holding only the old 13 congressional districts. This kind of thinking and acting MAY be a good part of why they are in such a mess now.

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