Ashe Resigns In “Rage”

Well, not exactly. In an altogether pleasant letter, State Rep. Kathy Ashe (D-Atlanta) describes herself as a “raging moderate,” says she will not seek re-election, and bemoans the lack of middle ground between the “far right” and the “far left.”  “Moderation,” she writes, “is endangered and in fact often scorned or marginalized.”

I’m old enough to remember when Rep. Ashe was a Republican, but things change. Thank you for your service, Rep. Ashe.

You can read her entire letter below the fold, and wish her thanks of your own and/or good luck in the comments.



  1. Harry says:

    Defecting to the Democratic caucus in this state is not a sign of moderation. With decent opposition I wouldn’t be so sure she could have been re-elected in that district.

  2. SmyrnaSAHM says:

    While I completely understand where Rep. Ashe is coming from, I am, frankly, completely bummed to hear this news. I have always admired Kathy Ashe (We both went to Agnes Scott! We both belong to the Junior League! We could totes be besties!) and her work for everyone in her district and in this state, particularly what she has done for women and children. She’s not strident, and she has – to me – always embodied our state’s motto.

  3. Calypso says:

    I know nothing about Ms. Ashe other than reading her resignation letter. She sounds reasonable and I would think the state legislature will be the poorer for her departure.

    The extremists may think otherwise.

  4. Nathan says:

    Politically, we don’t agree on much, but Representative Kathy Ashe has been friendly and I’ve enjoyed talking to her (she and Rep. Mary-Margaret Oliver sat next to Rep. Martin Scott). I was hoping to say hello to both Reps. Ashe and Oliver this year in the legislature. I’ll miss not seeing her down there.

  5. Kathy Ashe will be greatly missed on both sides of the political aisle in the Georgia General Assembly. She was a strong advocate for her adopted Democratic Party but would also not fail to cross the aisle to form coalitions on issues that she cared deeply about such as education and children’s welfare.

    As a fellow member of the Atlanta delegation, I enjoyed working closely with her on a wide range of urban issues including economic development, accountability in the Atlanta Public Schools, and human trafficking.

    I am confident that this is merely the close of one chapter in Kathy’s public career. All the best to her, her husband Lawrence, and her wonderful family.

    State Representative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta)
    Georgia House Majority Whip

  6. Doug Deal says:

    Nothing against Rep. Ashe, and only speaking to the term “moderate”.

    One person’s “moderate” can be another person’s extremist. Most moderates that I know have a way of somehow always coming down on the side of social engineering, raising taxes and expanding government. I think a more apt name is “agreeable”, as they seem agreeable with whoever wants to spend money and not so moderate with how it is spent.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Is Social Engineering a real thing? Or is it simply changing tides in Social constructionism? Some people would probably refer to laws that prevent people from killing one another as social engineering.

      • Calypso says:

        There are absolutely no laws which *prevent* people from killing one another. The law merely punishes those convicted of killing someone.

        On its face, if the law *prevented* one from killing another, no one would ever be killed in that manner.

      • wicker says:


        Ummm … the folks who coined the term were rather proud of it before conservatives started using it against them. It is funny. Liberals (or progressives) invent a term and proudly use it to describe themselves and their agenda. Conservatives use the term and the agenda behind it to win votes and elections. Then liberals come up with another term to describe the same thing, and accuse conservatives of using divisive, incendiary, provocative rhetoric for using the original term that they invented and defined. It’s hilarious.

  7. Tiberius says:

    “Raging moderate”—a term that been used recently to describe everyone from Al Gore to Obama to Romney to Paul. Sadly, it is now glib.

  8. Tiberius says:

    Her new district is 59% AA, 55% VAP. Couiple that with Rep. Dobbs’ decision to retire and it has not been a good month for white Democrats.

  9. Kathy Ashe left the *minority* Republican Party in 2001 to order to join the majority Democratic Party — just one year before the Democratic Party itself careened deeply into the ditch of minority Party status.

    She switched to be in the majority at a time when it appeared that Roy Barnes, Inc. would be re-elected via a $20 million juggernaut.

    Her own decisions have led her to be a minority Party member longer than any other state legislator in Georgia.

  10. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Ashe Resigns In “Rage””

    Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    One Benedict Arnold turncoat rat down, about a zillion more to go in the Georgia Legislature.

    What Ashe did in switching sides from the “R’s” to the “D’s” isn’t any better than what dozens and dozens of good-for-nothing Georgia Democrats-turned-Republicans (Sonny Perdue, Nathan Deal, Doug McKillip, etc) have been doing over the last two decades just so that they can keep getting re-elected and stay in the good graces of lobbyists and the powerful corporate interests they represent.

    As Mark Roundtree mentioned, Ashe thought that she was jumping ship to the more powerful side (and would be taking advantage of all of the “perks” that come with it) and instead ended up on a catastrophe of a sinking ship (Georgia’s political version of the Titanic with the Dems) on which she was stuck and could not jump back.

    Ashe isn’t resigning because of a “lack of middle ground between the far left and the far right” or “the marginalization or endangerment of moderation”.

    Ashe is resigning because of the marginalization of her own political power after a decade of watching all of the “perks” of being in power flow to the party she stabbed in the back.

    It serves her right that her blatant act of betrayal from which she expected much political gain backfired on her big time as the once powerful Georgia Democrat Party that she flipped to has become a virtual non-factor in state politics.

    Ashe’s catastrophic political miscalculation should be a lesson to the self-serving turncoat rats who continue to abandon a seemingly-sinking Georgia Democrat Party and jump ship to the GOP in unheard of before numbers just so that they can stay in office and get all of the corporate money and lobbyist gifts that goes to the winning team.

  11. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    On top of that, Ashe has the temerity, the absolute nerve, to compare her political situation, a situation that was one that is entirely of her own making, to Olympia Snowe.

    As far as I can recall, Olympia Snowe has been a lifelong Republican who has stood up for her own personal values in the same party, a party that has increasingly disagreed with her personal stands, during her entire political career of nearly 40 years.

    Unlike Ashe, I don’t ever recall Snowe ever pulling an “Arlen Specter” or a “Doug McKillip” and stabbing her own party in the back, despite serving in a time where moderates (liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats) like herself (Snowe) were being increasingly marginalized by their respective national parties.

    Truthfully, I’ve actually got more respect for a so-called “legislator” like Don Balfour than I do for a turncoat like Kathy Ashe or Doug McKillip who irrationally jumps ship at the first opportunity to maximize their own personal political gain.

    At least Balfour is truthful about the reason why he is in office, which basically is to line his own pockets with other peoples’ money.

  12. Cassandra says:

    Rep. McKillip is now an official rising star, having renounced both Party and principle for a new Party and fresh new ‘ideas.’

    Penance served, play ball!

    GO Braves!

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