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  1. Max Power says:

    Actually what wonkbook said: To put it differently, Democrats have, for the most part, admitted that Bush was right, and the Clinton-era tax rates were too high on most Americans.

    And the Democrats just like the republicans are wrong. Everyone’s taxes are too low. Even mine which I hate paying. But the fact is we’ve ran up a huge debt and the only way to get it back under control is to simultaneously cut spending and raise taxes.

    • saltycracker says:

      As long as my taxes exceed the internationals like GE the objective ought to be to clean up the loopholes, subsidies, fraud and waste, plus find ways to drive the economy to increase revenues and flatten taxes to get everyone with skin in the game. Beats asking a smaller part of the producers to pay a larger portion. The super influential just find smarter ways to do an end around.

      • saltycracker says:

        P.S. Every year the Feds take 4% off the top of all my savings via phony, repressed interest rates before I earn a dime. Translating that into an income tax rate is real ugly.

        Being debt free is not the place to be in with a government that focuses on a tax system for the “help me” or “me first” chosen winners.

  2. Ed says:

    “Unicycle football: the world’s next greatest sport”

    So hipsters are already moving on from bicycle polo to something even douchier.

    Former Falcons coach Petrino fired from Arkansas… turns out lying to your boss kinda negates winning.

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