APS Redistricting Proposal Finalized

I hope to write more on this in the coming days but in the interim, here’s the harvesting matrix proposed by Supt. Davis.


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  1. Rick Day says:

    Oh dear this is not good news to some residents of Midtown. They are going to have to start sending their kids south from mostly white Morningside (?) to mostly, um, not white Hope Hill.

    While there are those who celebrate the homogenization of our society, there are others not too keen to send their first graders down in Sweet Auburn. There has been a pretty heated lobby effort to keep Midtown elementary kids in Morningside. Looks like it is all for naught.

    Certain neighborhood group members in the area are split on the issue, including educators and parents. This is all tied to the council redistricting, which is tied to the census and closing of underutilized schools in Atlanta (conservatives rejoice at the shrinking of government, except when it affects their kids).

    Speaking of split, a compromise between Vag-Hi and Midtown parent activists literally split Grady down the middle between two districts. Yes, literally down the middle. It is important when selling real estate to say what schools are in the residential area. See why this is important?

    Local politics; Gotta love it!

    ETA: I hope I have this correct. I don’t have school age kids and am just going by some email threads and comments heard at meetings where the subject has been discussed. If not correct I will correct the record. It’s all so complicated!

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