Morning Reads for Monday, April 9th

Here in Georgia…
– Lobbyists spent over $866,000 during the 2012 session, more than $9,500 a day.
– Georgia has been among the top states for deportations of illegals.
– Falcons fans have a divided opinion about a new stadium for the team.
– GDOT is studying higher speed limits on I-285, you know, since no one goes 55 mph anyway.
– Remember when Underground Atlanta was a thing?

National stories of interest…
– Conor Friedersdorf says what many of us have been thinking about the Tea Party.
– The CBO reports that the budget deficit for the first half of the fiscal year is $777 billion.
– Congress is taking up cybersecurity again.
– A startup airline with a neat concept wants to avoid the hassles of passenger screenings.
– Ozzie Guillen figured out how to make the Cuban population in Miami very angry.
– Steve Chapman explains how the GOP continues to court religious voters at its own expense.
– After seeing how much e-mail Obama’s presidential campaign sends, Jon Stewart compared him to a Nigerian spammer.
– Al Gore’s Current TV is in trouble.
– Ezra Klein argues that Mitt Romney is a stronger general election candidate than Republicans think.
– Rick Santorum spent time last week with conservative leaders trying to save his campaign.
– Rob Portman for Vice President?
– Ever wondered how the CBO came up with the phony “budget savings” for ObamaCare? There was a lot of bogus math involved.
– The Washington Post came out against the proposed high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
– George Will weighs drug legalization.

A few that I like…
– Bubba Watson, a UGA grad, won the Masters yesterday.
– UGA has had some recruiting success lately.
– Five myths about water.
– More people are reading today than ever before.
– The Braves didn’t have a great opening series against the Mets.


  1. ricstewart says:

    While driving through SC this weekend, I passed a few Gloria Tinubu for Congress signs. So there’s that.

  2. drjay says:

    thrilling master’s, great to see bubba win the green jacket, as a fellow lefty that also went to uga, i have always thought of him as my “golf twin” hope to see more great stuff from him!!!

  3. kyleinatl says:

    Re: The Braves, going to try and avoid being too chicken little here…one series is just one series at the beginning of the season. But there are two concering trends that are continuing from last season, lack of offense and the fact that our starters can’t get past the 5th or 6th inning. What happened to starting pitchers getting into the 7th?

  4. Baker says:

    I don’t say this often, but the Georgia Gang yesterday deserved a live blog, or at least a post somewhere. I wish you could pull some clips from Fox 5 b/c there were some doozies yesterday.

    • Charlie says:

      I made a conscious decision to have a politics free weekend, which included all Sunday shows. Feel free to recap any of the highlights here. I did get a couple of emails asking why Jeff Dickerson was vigourously defending Don Balfour. As I didn’t see the show, I have no idea what was said or how to rate his comments.

      • Baker says:

        On the Balfour thing, Kent and Dickerson both gave him a total pass on just about everything. They explained away the false mileage thing because of how the per diem is given out ahead of time. Paraphrasing: “Oh, it’s $800, that’s nothing”. Dickerson: “We’re gonna go after Balfour over $800″…”It’s just not that big of a deal”. As if the only controversy with him is that $800. They explained away the ethics in fishing controversy saying it was a legit attempt at good ethics reform that they weren’t able to get into another bill. Phil said it was a media-driven false controversy (I’m guessing he didn’t actually read it).

        They also talked T-SPLOST. Jeff is involved in the advocacy, and Phil sitting next to him is wearing a “NO on TSPLOST” button. (On the DL: I’m for the TSPLOST.) Those against it saying, as Phil did yesterday, “let’s do this over again and get it right”. That’s ridiculous. They are never going to get it right to satisfy the hard core Tea Party types and anti-tax zealots. This is what we got. And it ain’t perfect, but it’s what we got.

        Alexis again reiterated that nothing that the Founders did or intentioned mattered at all because they were pro-slavery (on a side-note, this liberal tendency is fascinating in a sense, because usually they are all about cultural or moral relativism, but when it comes to the Founders- they were racist white dudes.) I’m definitely not saying we should ignore the faults of our Founders, but Alexis is continually throwing out the baby with the bathwater (albeit some very dirty, dirty bathwater).

        • benevolus says:

          Can I assume that Alexis was responding to someone else who brought up “The Founders”? Conservatives constantly invoke “The Founders” as if they thought with one mind and nothing they did can be questioned and all their ideas were pure and immune from compromise. But almost any statement that is supported by the words “The Founders” is probably worth challenging. It’s a specious argument to make. If you want to quote Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison, or the Constitution, then that would be a fair argument, but that would invite rebuttal showing that The Founders had big differences and this country was founded on compromises. Anathema to many conservatives.

  5. Regarding expenses by lobbyists, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. If the legislators were spending the same amount out of taxpayer dollars on themselves, then that would be a problem.

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