Karen Handel In World Magazine

Former Georgia Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Karen Handel sat down with Marvin Olasky of the Christian-themed World Magazine a few weeks ago to talk about her departure from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. It’s an interesting article and includes a full length video (about 58 minutes).

When did Komen tell Planned Parenthood that new grant requests would be unwelcome? The Komen president had a conversation with the Planned Parenthood president sometime around the middle of December and explained all of this—that we weren’t making a judgment on whether or not the issues involving Planned Parenthood were real or perceived, we just knew that they didn’t have anything to do with breast cancer, and we were looking to have a magnanimous break-up. We reassured Planned Parenthood that Komen would make every effort to have a smooth transition.

When pro-life groups learned that Komen would stop giving to Planned Parenthood, did they shoot off fireworks and unroll victory banners? No. Those of us in the organization who had relationships with conservatives in the pro-life community specifically said, No celebrations, please. We wanted to move forward. In our desire not to give a scalp to either side—although arguably it was my scalp that was given—we probably made a mistake. Maybe we should have just let both sides have the debate.

But you thought there would be peace, peace … All of us underestimated the visceral, very political response that Planned Parenthood was going to take. In their world, $680,000 was a miniscule part of their $1 billion budget. This was about politics.

Planned Parenthood had lots of time, from mid-December, to prepare. Why did it attack at the very end of January? Was it pure coincidence that the attack against Komen around abortion rights occurred in the same week that everything escalated around contraception and the White House?


  1. chamblee54 says:

    1-Ms. Handel whines about the attack on Komen being politically motivated. This was a few minutes after she said that she lost the Ga. Governor’s race because of abortion politics. Never mind the fact that the Governor of Georgia has little say so about abortions.
    The anti abortion crowd has made a big, stinking political issue out of abortion. They should not complain when those who disagree with them make a politically motivated move.
    2- Ms. Handel says that someone went on television and called her a “barren, desperate woman”. Does anyone have a link for that?
    3- Ms. Handel does not mention Sarah Palin in the first twenty minutes of this interview. I went to the rally in Buckhead. The comparison between a dynamo like Sarah Palin, and the charisma challenged Karen Handel, was breath taking. I suspect that was a factor in her defeat.

    • Yes, and the other factors in her defeat being her temperament and her social policy flip-flopping.

      It’s somewhat sad that Handel says during the interview that the number of votes she lost the gubernatorial runoff by is “etched in my memory.” Let it go, lady.

    • Baker says:

      Anyone want to wade in on this? I’ve got some answers but those of who that know the deeper story on 1 & 2 chime in, Short answer: Dan Becker/ GRTL/ apparently the “Peach Tea Party”

      and 3) this is not meant to be a knock on Deal, but was he being “a dynamo” the factor in winning then? For a long time, I defended Palin. Now, she seems like a whiney media hound. There is a lot for conservatives to blame on the media but at some point you’ve got to stop playing the victim card and add something. Maybe all she’s gonna do is be a Fox News contributor and PAC money recipient, which is fine. But I think looking back the “dynamo” label might be a bridge too far. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-april-3-2012/good-morning-real-america—sarah-palin-s-courageous–today-show–appearance (didn’t re-watch but i think that’s the right clip) (and no, im not a typical Daily Show watcher who bows down to Jon Stewart but every now and again he nails it)

    • Dave Bearse says:

      “In their world, $680,000 was a miniscule part of their $1 billion budget. This was about politics.”

      That $680,000 may have even been more miscule in the context of a $130,000,000 Komen budget, but never let perspective get in the way when excusing your own mis-management.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    I’m a Karen supporter, but even I’m tired of this abortion BS. Karen, come back to Georgia and get to work on something important, ethics reform for instance.

    I can’t believe that – after running a campaign almost entirely focused on ethics – she had nothing whatsoever to say about the ethics reform bill going down in flames in the Gen. Assembly this session.

    Do something useful, or go away.

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      Ethics don’t matter ask Balfour, Wilkenson and everyone else in the legislature with the exception of McKoon, and Brockway.

      There were plenty of groups fighting the ethics fight. If Handel jumped in it would have been perceived as sour grapes.

      • CobbGOPer says:

        Sour grapes for what? Her entire campaign for governor boiled down to “these good ‘ole boys are corrupt and you need to help me fix it.”

        This entire session roiled with the ethics fight, and I don’t think very many here would disagree that people like Don Balfour and other GOP leadership have – in spite of much evidence to the contrary – thumbed their noses at the press and the public over the issue, to paraphrase: “I’ve been doing this 20 years and I still keep getting re-elected…”

        Karen stepping up and saying “I told you people how bad it was, and now Don Balfour has visibly demonstrated to you how bad it is. NOW help me fix it” wouldn’t have been sour grapes at all. In fact it might have lent some higher profile weight to the issue. Instead we get the Common Cause folks, who did yeoman’s work to get the bill passed, but just didn’t have the media weight or recognition. We also had two legislators, both rookies with no name recognition (no offense, Buzz). Nobody had a positive face to put with the ethics reform fight, only a negative one (in Don Balfour and pretty much the entire legislature). Karen could have provided that.

        Instead she had to get caught up in the Komen mess, and then let her useless press guy McClagen botch her post-Komen media contacts. If she’s planning to run again in this state she’s going to need to get better advisers, because whomever is doing it now is pointing her in all the wrong directions.

        • NorthGAGOP says:

          When it came to ethics this session there were lots of groups including Common Cause and the Tea Party (not the Peach variety) pushing for ethics reform. The mainstream media, and social media/bloggers also fought hard.

          Given the number of legislators that endorsed Deal, do you really think Handel would have had an impact on the ethics bill?

  3. xdog says:

    It’s enough to make you wish Patrick Henry was around to see how a so-called ‘college’ is abusing his name.

    As to the interview I’d take what Karen Handel said much more seriously if she would sit down and talk with someone who is incapable of writing such self-serving inflammatory nonsense as “media-megaphoned screaming by the nation’s leading abortion provider” to describe PP’s reaction and who would call Handel on such remarks as “It’s not that I think killing a baby for any purpose is right, just, or moral…”

    • Harry says:

      How exactly is that “so-called” college “abusing” Patrick Henry’s name? As for that matter how would John Harvard feel?

      • xdog says:

        Do I really need to do this?

        Henry wanted liberty; PHC wants conformity to its theocratic world view.

        PHC thinks they have access to the one truth. That’s their business but they shouldn’t expect the rest of us to agree that education = indoctrination.

          • Rick Day says:

            So you agree conservative educational indoctrination is all about Christian based politics.

            How enlightening of you! I sir, am damn impressed at this breath of truthiness

            • CobbGOPer says:

              Unless you go to Hillsdale College, then yeah, most of the conservative educational indoctrination in this country IS about Christian-based philosophy, politics, etc., in some form or another.

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