Morning Reads For Good Friday, 4-6-12

Ron’s under the weather this morning so I’ll be filling in for a brief selection of morning reads.  A thanks to him, Jason, and Saba for doing this every morning.

Posting will generally be light around here for the weekend as well.  It’s Holy Week.  Whether that means Passover, Easter, or The Masters to you, take a bit of time away from politics this weekend.  We’ll see you back on Monday.

Georgia News:

The City To Busy To Hate now seems to be The City Unable To Not Race-Bait.  Truly sad that a flyer depicting Atlanta School Superintendent Erroll Davis as a member of the KKK has been injected into the always controversial process of school redistricting.

The Rome News-Tribune is out with some preliminary campaign disclosures.  The filing deadline is midnight tonight.  Disclosures should be available online, but the state “Transparency” commission often has computer difficulty in making this happen, and remains woefully underfunded to achieve its mission of transparency.  Which is most likely by design.

Governor Nathan Deal has asked the GBI to take over the sex offender board, hoping to clear a growing backlog of cases.

Warner Robbins is among the fastest growing areas in the country.  We mock you, housing crisis.

Rincon apparently doesn’t want a police chief with a temper  (link fixed).

Proving the NIMBYs have taken over the land where I grew up yet no longer recognize, Tyrone residends do not want a gun range next to their Publix.

Stories of National “Interest”:

CNBC has some commentary on the effects of the JOBS Act, signed into law by President Obama yesterday.

While the JOBS Act demonstrates a Republican Congress and a Democrat Controlled Senate can pass legislation President Obama can sign, The Democrats still don’t have a budget plan.  Someone check my math, but I think it’s been 1072 days since they have.

Keith Olberman’s most current TV Divorce is headed to court.  Get that man a reality show.

And the Miscellaney:

Happy Birthday to Doug Deal.

Bobby Patrino apparently had a fling with a younger co-worker.  Falcons fans hope he has just begun a long term relationship with Karma.

Upcoming cars were revealed at the New York Auto Show.


  1. ryanhawk says:

    In addition to rolling back the power of the federal government to regulate absolutely everything under the Interstate Commerce Clause, it’s high time we start rolling back the ability of state and local governments to regulate absolutely everything under their so called “police powers”. Building and use “as of right” is long dead, and capitalism along with it. It’s been my experience that even committed libertarians often lose their minds when it comes to respecting property rights at the local level and happily celebrate government regulation of every conceivable dimension of our physical lives.

    Houston, everyone else has a problem.

  2. View from Brookhaven says:

    Wow. I’ve gotten to laugh at the misfortune of Newt and Petrino this week…

    Best. Week. Ever.

    • wicker says:

      The best quote:

      “And in reality, that is an entirely reasonable expectation, albeit unprecedented.”

      So if it is unprecedented, then how is it reasonable? Reminds me of the old joke: “why do they call it internal bleeding? How is it bleeding if it is internal?”

      Incidentally, no matter what document Obama provides, these folks – who are more motivated by ideology than fidelity to the Constitution, because if they cared about the Constitution they would have raised a big stink over the Bush-Cheney ticket (both guys were citizens of Texas at the time … Cheney hadn’t lived in Wyoming in decades) or our spending over 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan without a formal declaration of war – will still claim that it is fake. And why not? They can do so with no repercussions: financial, legal or otherwise. I still say that Obama should have just ignored these people, Donald Trump included.

      But hey, the REAL FUN is going to happen when Mitt Romney replaces Obama. That is when we are going to get a heavy introduction to the Mormon religion, and with everyone who is opposed to Mormonism for any reason will be cowed into silence lest they get called hatemongering bigots. So boy, won’t that be fun! I can’t wait!

  3. jiminga says:

    Re: the Tyrone gun store/range.
    While I haven’t read the lawsuit and I’m not a lawyer (and didn’t play one on TV), it seems the suit has no basis on either legal or moral grounds. At the town council meeting when the project was approved there was a much larger group of opponents than supporters, and every opponent that spoke said they supported the 2nd Amendment…..just “not in my back yard”. Every reason for denying the project was based on falsehoods and emotion and not one fact was presented supporting denial of the project. Conversely, supporters provided facts, statistics, and history of similar projects in other markets that demonstrated the viability of such a project.

    Opponents also pointed to “potential environmental” damage that is another false premise, as the design and construction of the building must meet existing federal, state, county and local codes.

    The irony is the residents who are opposed to the project bought homes with a shopping center in their backyard and are looking for the courts to correct their mistake for them. They act like victims (sound familiar?) and they are….victims of their own failure to do proper due diligence prior to buying their homes.

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