1. Baker says:

    Port-o-let deliveryman: “Yeah, sorry, we’re looking for Don Balfour’s condo but we had to get off the road to ask directions”

  2. gatormathis says:

    The OHPS (Office of Highway Pooping Stations) brought the latest item, in their arsenal of driver comfort attempts, by the Capitol for the Legislators to look at. With the ever changing locations of highway construction sites, acidents, and other “traffic stopping” events, now comes the addition of fast deployed, portable toilet stations that can accomadate drivers hindered while enroute to their destination. Everyone knows the effect of a “Big Gulp” type drink combined with a traffic jam, so these will alleviate the guard rail crowding, and be especially accomadating to the ladies caught up in the traffic snarls. These will also be helpful to the emergency responders who may need to make a quick duck into a “toll booth” fer a minute. As our State of Georgia seal says, “We think of everything”. Aren’t you glad of that!!

    dang….this would have really been fun April 1……lol….

  3. I Miss the 90s says:

    Georgia’s Jobs Plan for its Under-educated Workforce.


    Portable Toilet Accessibility: Georgia’s Legislature Finally Leads the Nation on One Statistic

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Not to be outdone by his predessessor, Governor Deal unveiled his own pet project to bring people good with a rod to the state, “Go Pee!”

  5. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Where most of the legislation created in this past session of the Georgia General Assembly should have really gone.

  6. dorian says:

    In the latest cost cutting move by the republican super-majority, the minority leader’s offices have been slightly down graded.

  7. dorian says:

    NOTICE: Senator Balfour announces the location for public debates on proposed ethics legislation.

  8. Rick Day says:

    Sings: (to the tune of Where the Boys Are)

    Where the lobby boys are, someone with money waits for me
    A smilin’ face, a warm embrace, two envelopes to hold me tenderly
    Where the lobby boys are, my true love of graft will be
    He’s walkin’ down some street in Midtown and I know he’s lookin’ for a boy there for me

    In the crowd of a million dollar people I’ll find my lobby valentine
    And then I’ll slink through the back staircase and tell the world “he’s not mine!”

    Promote me to Kaiser, ’cause I”m on a roll!

  9. I Miss the 90s says:

    Since the toilets at the Capitol were overflowing from flushing down your tax dollars, back-ups were required this year.

  10. NoTeabagging says:

    Love the comments above, good job!
    my caption:
    Mistaking the convenience stations as a piece of high tech equipment, Don Balfour exclaimed, “Oh goody, our new paper shredders arrived!”

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