The Ethics Messenger, Not Yet Sufficiently Killed, Posts A Strong Rebuttal

It’s Jim Walls fault Georgia received a “F” and 50th out of 50 ranking on a recent ethics comparison of states.  That’s the message that came clearly out of the Georgia General Assembly and through surrogates such as Rick Thompson, former Executive Secretary of the State Ethics Commission.

Walls has a lengthy and detailed response posted today at his Atlanta Unfiltered website.  I strongly encourage you to read it, and then share it.  Share it with your non-political friends.  Insist that your media friends brush up on this story.  It needs to be heard from now until July, and then November if necessary.  The legislature needs to understand this message clearly when they return in January.  There need to be fewer incumbents to accomplish this.

One of the biggest public critics of Wall’s work is House Ethics Committee Joe Wilkerson (R-Denial).  He told the AJC that our ethics laws are fine, we have transparency, and Walls is a “blogger” not an expert.  Wilkerson was one of the conference committee members who tried to take transparency in ethics away from Georgians last night via a conference amendment to a bill on hunting and fishing licenses.  He can no longer be viewed as an honest broker on ethics. Period.

There will be a lot more to say about ethics on this site in the days and weeks ahead.  Again, I encourage you to start educating your friends and neighbors on the topic.  It isn’t pretty, but is a responsibility of self government.


  1. My guess is that every state’s reporter for this survey is equally zealous as Georgia’s, and that they were all weighed together and Georgia still came out as an F.

    If you have a brain, it really isn’t hard to believe that we could get an F.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “If you have a brain, it really isn’t hard to believe that we could get an F.”

      Actually it kind of is hard to believe that we could get an “F” as it’s hard to believe that this legislative body could get actually get a grade that HIGH.

      It’s just that “F” (and we don’t mean F+) is the lowest possible grade on the scale that they could receive, otherwise it’s pretty obvious that if there was a grade lower than “F” this body would more than likely be eligible to “earn” it.

  2. Scot says:

    I am glad to see so many people focused on the ethics issue in Georgia at a grassroots level. It is the cornerstone to every other issue in Georgia. When good Conservatives do things that are less than conservative, one only need to look at the efforts of lobbyists to begin to question why they voted the way they did.

    Facts are that the only way we will see change is to have choices between candidates in primaries. I look forward to the debate in my own district.

  3. elfiii says:

    Since we aren’t last in education I’m pleased to know we have been able to hang on to last place for government ethics. It’s a dirty, rotten, filthy nasty job and apparently we are just the state to step into the breach and save the other 49 states from having to do it. (Insert multiple “rolling eyes” emoticons here.)

    Sarcasm selector switch returned to the “Standby” position.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      It’s good that you can return your sarcasm switch to standby because after watching this bunch in the Legislature, my cynicism switch is stuck in “Overdrive”.

  4. eburke says:

    The General Assembly passed a much tighter open government, open records law on to local government. None of it applies to the House or Senate by the way.

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    The foregoing was meant to be a reply to JV.

    On another note, Thompson’s rebuttal, which was based on Georgia dropping from 7th to 50th over a few years while omitting any mention that two different things we’re being surveyed, is the AJC’s version of Fox’s fair and balanced reporting. You know, where scientific theories such as Creationism are given equal billing with evolution.

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