Gambling Will Not Be Tolerated In Georgia

From the Athens Banner Herald:

Authorities raided more than a dozen homes and businesses in Clarke, Jackson and Gwinnett counties on Wednesday as they investigated illegal gambling.

Several people were arrested during the coordinated morning raids in Athens, Jefferson, Commerce, Flowery Branch and Dacula, authorities said.

Athens-Clarke police raided two convenience stores and a residence — Chevron Food Mart and Exxon Food Mart, both on Commerce Road, and a home at 512 Chesterfield Road — but most of the activity took place in Jefferson.

There, authorities closed five convenience stores that doubled as illegal casinos and searched three homes.

Got that? No. Gambling. Here.

Also, please be advised that the Mega Millions drawing tomorrow night is now worth an annuitized $500 Million.  You may purchase tickets at most convenience stores, except the five that were closed yesterday for allowing customers to gamble.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Gambling will be legalized in Georgia when Don Balfour figures out how to personally profit from it. Shouldn’t be long now.

  2. ricstewart says:

    Similar raid in Toombs County about two years ago. Fewer than five convenience stores were left open in the county, which made getting gas problematic.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Jesus is Holy. I read it here all the time, especially around the time of his murder.
    How Jesus was murdered is a story that moves many to worship Him as God.
    Ergo all parts of the story of the death of Jesus is Holy Word. (how he dies is very important to the Faithful, yo!)
    Soldiers gambled for Jesus robe. Jesus did or said nothing in admonishment. It was a statement of fact.
    He was busy having a talk with Dad. Where he was going he didn’t need it anyway.

    Ergo, gambling is HOLY! It’s in the Bible, several times.

    Amen, and put it all on Cardinal Red, please.

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