Second Notice! Peach Pundit Roadshow this Monday at Manuel’s Tavern

Second Roadshow notice — mark your calendar

Come on over to Manuel’s Tavern this Monday afternoon March 26th at 6:00 PM and join in with the Peach Pundit Roadshow and analyze, debate, comment on and celebrate the approaching end of the legislative session — as well as the Kick Off of the 2012 election season.

While tickets are normally $1,000 a person, we are waiving this fee just for you and your friends.

It’s the Peach Pundit.  If you can’t drink or debate with us, just who can you have a drink or debate with?

We look forward to seeing some of you. Others, not so much.


  1. Doug Grammer says:

    Hold on to your hats. After posting on PP for about four years, I’m considering making an appearance at my first roadshow on Monday. You’ve been warned, so bring enough money to buy me a drink.

  2. Dash Riptide says:

    Charlie will be the first to tell you, at every roadshow I’m like: “Where’s Doug.”

    And Charlie’s like: “Doug who?”

    And then I laugh and then he swears he’s not kidding.

  3. Charlie says:

    Another good outing for the Peach Pundit community. Nice diverse group, good conversation. And I’ll even remember some of it this time, as I only drank Coke Zero.

    As always, I must say that the highlight of the evening was my conversation with Dash. Always good seeing you my friend.

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