Morning Reads 3/23/2012

Apparently, five of Georgia’s federal courthouses are considered “expendable.”

Everything you need to know about the tax break bill pushed passed yesterday.

Senator Balfour to, well, nearly everyone: “Stay off my lawn!”

The Board of Regents voted to make transferring from technical schools to colleges easier.

Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division is about to get a much needed federal grant.

One Georgia county is allowing voters to consider whether the county should return to the sole commissioner form of government.

Chipper Jones is retiring at the end of this season. The team may, someday, find a suitable replacement in the line up; but Chipper will never be replaced in the hearts of Braves fans.

Teenagers will likely be staying at home this summer. The teen jobless numbers sound, frankly, as bad as some teenager pop music.

If you haven’t got down to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, then here are some of the things you missed. Now, get on down to Macon.

Mercer’s basketball team advances to the final four of the CIT tournament. Go Bears!

APS students struggle with shaken confidence and test anxiety, more fallout from last year’s cheating scandal. There is absolutely no reason these kids should be suffering because of their former teachers failures and malfeasance.

And because I am in New York City, here is my music selection du jour.


  1. Rambler1414 says:

    In other news,,182564?content_source=&category_id=6&search_filter=&event_mode=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=&sub_type=&town_id=&page=

    “I appreciate the state taking such as vigorous role, but I feel the whole suit is preposterous,” Galambos said. “The voting strength of the minorities in Fulton County has not been affected one iota by the creation of these cities. In order for the city to begin, we had to get clearance from the [U.S.] Justice Department under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and we got it.”

  2. Max Power says:

    Apparently, five of Georgia’s federal courthouses are considered “expendable.”

    Pennywise poundfoolish. So you’re going to shut down these courts and move their operations to larger and more expensive cities where they will undoubtedly cost more.

    • saltycracker says:

      The government trend is to increase spending on social issues and reduce other services accordingly.

      It’s about expanding laws, regulations and employees with selective enforcement.

    • Engineer says:

      Statesboro, Waycross, and Valdosta, eh? Statesboro I can understand, but Waycross? Wayross is is nearly a 2 hour drive to Savannah (1-1.25 hour drive to Brunswick), even longer for some of the folks in Atkinson & Coffee County. If Waycross does get put on the chopping block, I feel sorry for the folks having to drive way out of their way because of it. I guess they could always just try to mount it onto Brunswick, but that’s still a good ways out of the way.

      In regards to Valdosta, the next federal court (in the Middle Georgia District) is in Albany, which is about an hour and a half away from Valdosta (although I’m aware of some speed demons that have driven it in an hour). I dunno this all feels like they are stretching services thinly.

  3. USA1 says:

    Thanks to Georgia legislators (here’s looking at you Republicans), we now pay state sales tax on protection plans and additional receivers with DirecTV.

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