The Next Peach Pundit Roadshow — Manuel’s Tavern on Monday, March 26 at 6 PM

Join us for the next Peach Pundit Roadshow this coming Monday.  The General Assembly will likely adjourn a few days later, thus enabling our annual “Peach Pundit Pre-Post Session Roadshow.

The location will be Manuel’s Tavern and will start at 6 PM Monday, March 26th. The address: 602 N Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta.

Manuel’s is arguably Atlanta’s most famous political tavern hangout and headquarters. Regardless of your political affiliation, Manuel’s is truly an Atlanta institution worthy of your beer money.

A short history of Manuel’s Tavern:

From Wikipedia

In 1968-69, Paul Hemphill, a popular columnist for The Atlanta Journal, drank at Manuel’s Tavern and wrote columns that made the proprietor into a local folk hero. Mr. Maloof was portrayed as a bartender-philosopher and a talented organizer of political protests. In December 1965, Mr. Maloof had organized 16 other tavern operators to successfully protest a move by the Atlanta Board of Aldermen to raise the Atlanta beer license fee from $144 to $750.[1]

In the 1980s, the sideroom of the tavern served as the home for the theatre company of the Shakespeare Tavern before they moved to their own building in 1990.

Manuel’s Tavern is one of the few really cool things that Republicans are kinda jealous of Democrats for having. In fact…maybe the only thing.

And Charlie would want me to note: We look forward to seeing some of you. Others, not so much.


  1. Three Jack says:

    What better place to celebrate good ol boy politics, tax increases and retroactive loan forgiveness. Damn shame I’ll be in New Orleans instead.

  2. greencracker says:

    Last new political sign seen at Manuel’s:

    “Fundraiser for Judge Martinez at the end of the bar”

    Not sure if there is really a, like, professional adjucator named Martinez running for office or … just some nickname for a drinking club.

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