Happy Birthday To Ken Carroll

The Facebook tells me that today is the Birthday of PeachPundit contributor and Eastman Georgia’s favorite stepson, Ken Carroll. You should follow him on twitter @KenInEastman. Then tweet him a Happy Birthday wish. He’ll like that.

The Facebook failed to tell me that Mike Hassinger had a birthday last week. I’m sure Eric Gray will read something into that, probably that we haven’t fully accepted Mike around here. You should follow him on twitter @MikeHassinger. Then you should tweet him that we’re pulling for him. He’ll like that.

Also, frequent commenters ZazaPachulia and Chuck Shiflett are having birthdays. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll be on their way to Eastman shortly. You would not want to miss a Ken Carroll birthday party. So I’m told anyway. I’ve missed them all.

Happy Birthday to everyone else too. I may miss yours.



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