RIP Furman Bisher

There was a time, before this internet, where shared opinions were much more rare. In Atlanta, for decades, THE sports opinion that mattered was Furman Bisher’s. He began his career in Lumberton North Carolina in 1938 and came to the AJC as a “seasoned” writer twelve years later. He remained at the AJC until 2009, spanning 59 years at “our” newspaper.

I never met Bisher, but his son Roger was once one of my clients. That’s probably why out of his six decades of columns, the one I remember most wasn’t about sports at all. It was this one, written after Roger died way too early at the age of 44.

This evening, the AJC is reporting that Furman Bisher has left us and rejoined Roger.

There are many more that write about sports now, and some of them are even quite good. But there was only one -and will ever only be one – Furman Bisher. And with that, another part of the Atlanta that we once knew is gone.


  1. bullFrog says:

    Somewhere around here I have an “I Beat Bisher” bumper sticker. That made football season fun(er.)

  2. I was just signing in to create a post on this topic as well.

    Bisher was the author of “Strange But True Baseball Stories”, a series of a couple dozen very unusual short stories (12 pages long or so each) about baseball. Read it when I was 10 or 11 and always remembered it.

    If you have a kid who would really enjoy historical baseball stories, buy the book and give it to them. It won’t disappoint.

  3. Three Jack says:

    There was none better, at least for someone like myself growing up in Georgia. Bisher, Grizzard and Outlar provided so many good stories, it’s hard to believe they are all deceased now. RIP Furman, I will miss your Thanksgiving day columns as much as any you ever wrote.

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