St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Open Thread

You may learn more about the Leprechaun at . I still have a T-Shirt I purchased from that site 5 years ago. To preserve its heritage, it is only worn on special occasions.

Y’all be safe out there today and tonight.


  1. bowersville says:

    Every time I hear Mitt Romney speaking of any increase in military spending I cringe. We are wearing our soldiers out. We call on them to defend our freedom yet so many must believe since they are all volunteers they are at our disposal or whim for political points. Why are we policing the world? Why do our soldiers spend 3,4, 5, & 6 tours and how many more decades must we fight? And for who and what?

    Please read this article by Jim Galloway covering Sam Nunn. And for you yard birds that don’t believe a Sam Nunn Democrat could win in Georgia, here’s looking at you. He could and his type will. Yes it’s personal.

  2. Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s laws were passed all over the country limiting abuse of prison inmates. At one time it was acceptable to essentially use inmates as slave labor, renting them out for businesses (with prison wardens or guards often paid under the table; see Shawshank Redemption for an example) or using them to do personal service. Currently in Georgia, per OCGA 42-5-37, anyone in authority over a prisoner is prohibited from benefiting financially or socially from inmate labor.

    So it’s odd that this last Thursday we caught employees at the Walker County Road Barn having their cars washed by inmates. It’s happened before. Even more odd, the woman whose car was being washed isn’t just a county employee who’s done this before, she’s the commissioner’s campaign manager.

    We’re trying to get AG Olens’ attention on this since it’s technically a felony..

    — LU

  3. Harry says:

    We can both agree on the message, but where will the Dems find another Sam Nunn? His breed is extinct in the Dem party.

  4. Harry says:

    I wonder what Sam Nunn thinks about that POTUS executive order? Many of us believe Obama if reelected, is looking for additional opportunities to advance class warfare.

    • Cassandra says:


      Not disagreeing with your statement, another way of looking at the same point with without the ‘class warfare’ language:

      Typically,when confronted with a ‘do-nothing’ Congress, these days due to profound gridlock, all POTUS can do to advance Executive Branch objectives are Executive Orders. This is an activist President, so all objectives are easy to characterize one way or another.

      Here’s a novel idea for the GOP.

      Elevate adultery to felony criminal status, punishable by a ten year sentence just like HB 954. Instead of trying to make physicians criminals, and generally alienating a good portion of moderate GOP female voter bloc, let’s truly be pro-family!

      What’s better for the health of our Nation than keeping families together? Why it might even eliminate the need to allow college kids to carry guns because it could lead to reduced crime.

      I mean if we are going to legislate below the belt for ‘social issues,’ let’s be gender neutral on it, right?

      I am just here to help.

    • Harry says:

      Another good reason Rick is going nowhere. The guy doesn’t know how to choose his battles.

      (Not to say I know how to either, but I’m not running for President)

  5. John Vestal says:

    Quick St. Baldrick’s update for Georgia….

    To date, in-state events have raised over $546,000 for 2012! As of now, there are still 6 events yet to be held…..with the potential for more to be added. In 2011, Georgia head-shaving events raised over $672, 000.

    Nationwide, St. Baldrick’s has raised nearly $19MILLION for 2012….nearly two full weeks ahead of 2011’s record pace!

    2012 St. Baldrick’s Events in Georgia, by date

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