You Don’t Look a Day Over 60

Let’s put the political sausage-making aside for a moment and recognize a Georgia milestone.

WSB Radio celebrates 90 years of broadcasting today. Head on over and check out the many archived articles and audio clips.

What started as an Atlanta Journal project to broadcast weather reports grew into the “Blowtorch of the South.” How many memories do you share with the radio waves?

During the commute this morning, the featured clip was Milo Hamilton calling Hank Aaron’s record-setting 715th home run. I was there.


  1. Andre says:

    Sixty years of WSB Radio . . .

    . . . Here’s what I remember:

    Mike Kavanaugh’s radio show on Sunday afternoons discussing business;
    Dr. Laura’s radio show that aired late at night then gradually moved into a day time-slot;
    The Royal Treatment hosted by Royal Marshall always getting pre-empted by Hawks, Braves, and Dawgs’ games;
    Larry Munson’s morning report where he would always talk about his movie club with the ladies of UGA;
    That nut David Paul (how the heck did he get a program on the radio);
    Gary McKee;
    Cap’n (not Captain) Herb Emory and his Allan Vigil Southlake Ford NASCAR talk show;
    Scott Slade (when will that man retire);
    O’Neill Williams and his great outdoors show that aired at 5AM on Saturday mornings;
    Walter Reeves and his gardening program;
    Neal Boortz; and of course,
    Clark Howard.

    I grew up on AM 750 WSB, and I’m glad they’ve made it through sixty years of broadcasting by sticking to what they do best — News. Talk. Radio.

    • John Vestal says:

      Can’t believe you left off Ludlow! :>)

      Who else remembers when Dave Baker (he of the “Home Fix-it Show” that follows Walter now on saturday mornings) used to call in to Bobby Harper and Kathy Fischman in the mornings as “Lonesome Dave from Conyers”?

      • Andre says:

        My apologies for forgetting Ludlow Porch, and I have to mention Legal Action with Gary Jackson.

        Also congrats to AM 750 WSB for 90, not 60, years of excellence in broadcasting; the 50,000 watt sports voice of the south.

  2. Jawgadude says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can listen to WSB anymore. It’s nothing but commercials. During the talk shows there are some commercial breaks that last 5 minutes. At least WGST plugs some programming like health reports or business updates into the middle of the long breaks so it’s not just commercials. Personally I’m about 95% XM/Sirius now.

  3. chamblee54 says:

    Thank you for telling me about this. This is a good excuse to post some text and pictures.
    I may be wrong, but I believe Ludlow Porch was at WRNG, and other stations. I switched to WQXI in 1965, so I may have missed something.
    The current talk radio disaster is what AM radio has been reduced to. For many years, WSB had a format…middle of the road music and friendly disc jockeys … that does not exist anymore.

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