Occupy: No Points; God Asked For Mercy On Their Souls

Sometimes ‘idiotic’ just doesn’t convey the opaque stupidity of some people, and by ‘people’ I mean the dimmest-of-the-dim-bulbs in the cognitive function deficiency contest called the “Occupy” movement, about 40 of whom disrupted a meeting of the Board of Regents yesterday afternoon. Walter Jones has some details:

You are not serving our best interests,” they chanted in unison. “We will stop your functioning.”

They noted that it may not be immediate but that they would one day halt the University System from its daily operations.

They had begun by coughing and then stood together. They repeated that several times until the coughing grew loud enough for regents Chairman Ben Tarbutton to stop the meeting and offered the group to appoint a spokesman to address the regents for five minutes.”

Haha, coughing to disrupt a meeting! That was funny when I saw it in Animal House. In 1978.

"Coughing? Seriously, when that joke was funny, I was alive."

But it’s a good thing they didn’t accept Chairman Tarbutton’s offer to speak, because their list of grievances would have gotten them locked up. To wit:

1.The Board of Regents has been raising tuition and fees and must stop.

2. The Board of Regents bears responsibility for limitations on HOPE scholarships imposed by the Legislature last year.

3. The Board of Regents should stop “restricting” African Americans, which is resulting in segregated colleges.

4. The Board of Regents must take a pay cut in their unpaid positions as members of the Board of Regents.

5. The Board of Regents should permit illegal immigrants to attend Georgia Colleges and Universities.

I wish I could make up something as ridiculous and absurd as this, but I literally can’t keep up with the scope of the Occupy lunacy. I’ve heard smarter things said by people who were wrapped in ice taking electroshock treatments in Milledgeville. Statements like those clearly show that Occupiers shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects, and present a clear danger to themselves and others. I feel dumber every time I hear them or about them.



  1. saltycracker says:

    Most kindergarteners have a better understanding of how monetary exchanges work than these sadly enabled parasites.

    Billy Madison said it perfectly.

  2. AMB says:

    So much easier to label the protesters with your tired, pathetic, and oh so cliche responses, than to address their concerns. College costs are rising. The regents have done little to nothing to address the problem. Black students are being priced out. Scholarships are being reduced.
    This state can’t afford to lose its best and brightest to other states.
    Why don’t you shut up putting down students and start listening to their valid concerns?

    • Charlie says:

      Because in life, the way you choose to present your “concerns” matters. And when you demand that someone who isn’t paid take a pay cut, it shows you clearly don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      Showing up and acting like petulant children should get you nothing.

      Show up prepared, demonstrate an actual understanding of the problem, and attempting to articulate something that would be helpful might actually earn points.

      Being asses for the sake of a publicity stunt deserves all of Mike’s scorn and more.

    • Regents didn’t limit the Hope scholarship, the legislature did. Regents can’t take a pay cut, because they are unpaid. Offered a chance to speak, they coughed.
      Listen to their valid concerns? I will when they voice some.

    • PchT says:

      I don’t know one person who graduated in the last 10 years or so who have doesn’t have college debt. My own child still has 25,000 and has been out of college for 5 yrs. BTW “black students are being priced out” doesn’t wash with me. If you want an education then be willing to do what ever it takes.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Below is an earlier rant – Apparently the occupiers think the solution is for the taxpayers to double down on their contributions….the taxpayers think it is time for a different approach than throwing money and employees at the mess….

    “Education takes up half or so of all property taxes, has a sales tax piece, has a tremendous lottery subsidy, has student loans (than exceed all credit card debt), has PTA fund raisers, gets state and federal assistance, is adding bond debt to biblical proportions, has one of the best early & increasing retirement & benefit programs among all workers and this year is being pandered by the casino crowd. And Georgia education is where ?”

  4. elfiii says:

    These were not protesters. These were escaped imbeciles from the imbecile farm. They need taller fences, deeper ditches, and more gators at the farm.

  5. bird says:

    Trip (elfiii), That’s just what some on the Left say about the Tea Party. Thanks for your contributions to the debate.

    Charlie, did anyone from the Occupy movement present a position after they were asked to? I have concerns about the Board of Regents. But if the Occupy protesters were asked to present a position, they should have been prepared to do so.

    As far as the resources Georgia is allocating to education, other states have a similar model, i.e., public education, but are getting better results. Any ideas why? I”m genuinely curious about different opinions on this.

    • saltycracker says:

      When you have the same input with different results then the subject is the difference. In our society I’d bet on cultural/conditioned differences.

      Society must have some boundaries on efforts and expenses for individuals, that individuals know or we enable them.

    • elfiii says:

      @ bird “Trip (elfiii), That’s just what some on the Left say about the Tea Party. Thanks for your contributions to the debate.”

      The difference bird is I am right and the left is wrong. You are most welcome.

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