The Cavalry Begins Mounting

Earlier today,  Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and Bibb County Commission Chairman Sam Hart indicated they will work to implement the Macon Miracle plan created by Bibb School Superintendent Dallemand. The Macon Miracle plan, while not covered extensively here, is a point of contention in Macon. In fact, students, parents, and community members are speaking out against Dallemand’s plan. Detractors draw issue with, among other provisions, the addition of Mandarin Chinese to the curriculum and other inordinately expensive provisions.

While there is a need for dynamic change within the Bibb County School system, the Macon Miracle is, perhaps, too cost prohibitive and controversial to effectuate any real change or improvement. Of course, as usual, those opposing the plan have received harsh criticism from the likes of Elaine Lucas. (And for those of you familiar with Councilwoman Lucas, yes; it’s the same criticism as always.)

However, the Cavalry is mounting to save the day. Macon Attorney Jason Downey will announce today his candidacy for District 6 seat on the Bibb County School Board. Mr. Downey gave an exclusion statement to Peach Pundit regarding his candidacy:

At this time, more than ever, we should be asking the questions about the new education plan. It is downright careless for us as a community to avoid questioning the Macon Miracle. Our children, and our community, depend on it.

As is often the case, leadership emerges when times become tough and the pathway to the future is harrowing. There is a dearth of leadership in Macon and Bibb County; it’s time for a new generation of leaders, like Jason Downey, sto step up to the plate. Downey’s full press release is available below the fold.

Jason E. Downey, a local attorney and political activist in Macon, Georgia, plans to run for the Bibb County School Board. The official announcement will be made Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. during the Community Concern Forum for Bibb County Schools at Lizella Baptist Church in Lizella, Georgia. Downey will seek the District 6 seat in North Macon, currently occupied by term limited board member Gary Bechtel.

Downey plans to serve as a voice for the residents of his district. “Superintendent Dallemand has taken what he sees as a unique opportunity and has introduced the Macon Miracle,” says Downey.”The plan has lofty goals to transform the Bibb County Public School System in to one of greatness. A plan such as this is bound to be met with criticisms and some support. Both criticism and support are necessary as we move forward with this plan.”

Downey does not believe that questioning aspects of the Macon Miracle are out of line or foolish, and in fact encourages the community to question and stay engaged. “Everyone in Bibb County is a stakeholder in the Macon Miracle and Bibb County Schools. You must question, respectfully, to hold the Board and Superintendent accountable. That’s what we need to be doing now. Support the Miracle, but ask questions.”


  1. saltycracker says:

    Mandarin ? In Macon expectations of a level of English and math proficiency just to do business anywhere are put downs.

  2. Mize1970 says:

    This whole debate is very interesting to me. I’m in Smyrna, but have a number of friends and business clients in Macon, and I always enjoy keeping up with the local government and politics. Those of you in the know, please keep us posted with the inside scoop on this.

  3. greencracker says:

    Like other Chinese goods, a Chinese teacher is cheaper than an American one. About $16k, cash money, no pension obligation, is the going rate in Georgia for an annual teacher dealt from the Confucius Institute, with which Dallemand proposes to work.

    Maybe we ought to bring them in to teach the other stuff too eh? 😉

  4. ltmacon says:

    Its great to see someone with an interest in the system, not just an interest in race politics entering the BOE. It is also rumored that Bechtel will be entering the race for Bibb County commission soon, so I’m sure we’ll still here more from in on this issue.

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