Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 13th

Here in Georgia…
– Fourteen Occupy Atlanta protesters were arrested for trespassing yesterday at Chase Bank.
– Protesters gathered at the capitol yesterday to speak out against legislation banning abortion coverage in state health care plans.
– When high school pranks go really wrong.
– Jessica Colotl, the KSU student that was at the center of a immigration controversy, has completed a diversion program.

National stories of interest…
– You might be a redneck if you support Mitt Romney. Or something.
– President Barack Obama has signed legislation that some say will put restrictions on free speech.
– At least Rick Santorum seems to understand that he can’t win the GOP nomination outright.
– Tonight could be a bad night for some members of Congress facing tough primary challenges.
– Veronique de Rugy explains that out national debt will continue to outpace economic growth.
– Rising gas prices during an election year has typically been bad news for the party controlling the presidency.
– Conor Friedersdorf explains how Rush Limbaugh’s critics have lost the moral high-ground.
– Has the GOP’s focus on contraception created “another Terri Schiavo moment”?
– Peter Wallison explains how housing policy caused the financial crisis.

A few that I like…
– Congrats to Reason on being nominated for eight Maggie awards.
– Joe Escalante, who plays in the punk rock band, The Vandals, is running for judge as a Republican in Los Angeles County, California.
– Andrelton Simmons is turning heads for the Braves in Spring Training.
– The Capitol Avenue Club gives us three Braves that shouldn’t made the team this year.
– Should The Walking Dead be faithful to the comic book?
– Want to live a healthy life? Get a dog.
God hates Radiohead.
– UGA has locked up Mark Richt and Todd Grantham to contract extentions.
– And Branden Smith, a UGA defensive back, was arrested for possession of marijuana in Henry County, Alabama.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Occupy Atlanta Protestors – the AJC might want to add a small bio on those arrested so readers won’t think they are just a bunch of deadbeat vandals with nothing constructive to do.

  2. kyleinatl says:

    Re: The Walking Dead,

    As it looks like they’re hewing a little closer to the source material for Season 3, I expect (and hope) that the show will be markedly improved. David Morrissey was cast as the big villain, and he’s an excellent, excellent actor. And provided the setting for Season 3 is the major set piece I assume it will be, it moves into some of the strongest stuff Kirkman wrote.

  3. Tenacious G says:

    What am I missing on the contraception “issue”? It seems like it’s everyone BUT the GOP that’s making an issue of this.

      • Tenacious G says:

        I guess so. I’m asking an honest question though. This really doesn’t seem like anything more than a conveniently manufactured controversy. In fact, it’s appears so blatant that I’m afraid I’m missing some key part of it. If your insurance plan doesn’t pay for birth control, it doesn’t mean it’s part of some massive misogynistic conspiracy. It means you have a crappy insurance plan. If the controversy is about crappy health care plans, that’s an entirely different conversation.

        • kyleinatl says:

          100% agreed with you, can’t argue against your point, its much ado about nothing…but I feel its only a controversy because the much of the right is basically playing into the President’s hands, they can’t help themselves. It was a pretty brilliant strategy. You can almost sense Jim Messina in the background wringing his hands and saying “Yes, Mr. President, introduce this contraception policy and the real state of the GOP will rear its 2005-2006 era head again”

          • Tenacious G says:

            Oh, you are absolutely correct. They played right into their hands. Forget the staggering deficits, stagnant economy, and the ever encroaching government intrusion into our lives. Yes sir, forget that; there’s a contraception battle to be fought. I am beginning to wonder if the GOP really is lost in the woods.

    • saltycracker says:

      Link: “The rally Monday comes after the Senate last week passed measures banning abortion coverage under state employees’ health care plans and exempting religious health care providers from having to cover birth control.”

      Two issues unless the protestors expect insurance companies to pay for birth control abortions at the whim of an individual request. Dealing health and medical professionals out of the health insurance equation might not be an insurance company the state should recognize.

      For the second issue – if the religious health care provider doesn’t provide what the individual wants maybe it is time to change religion or provider.

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