General Assembly On The Back Hill Slide Of The Session

Now that Crossover Day has come and gone, most bills on either side of the Capitol that didn’t make it to the floor for a vote is generally considered DRT (dead right there) since they must crossover to the opposite chamber to receive their approval.  On occasion, there are a couple of bills that are able to make it past that hurdle in the last 10 days of the session.  According to this article in the Florida Times-Union, two bills aren’t subject to the Crossover Day deadline:

Two major bills exempt from the Crossover deadline are likely to come up for floor votes soon. One is the sweeping criminal-justice reform recommended by a special council appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal. The other is the repeal of the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing recommended by Deal’s Competitiveness Initiative.

It’s interesting to see how the session starts with not much going on in terms of committee meetings with a crescendo towards Crossover Day as legislators try to get their bills out of committee and on to the floor of their respective house.  Then, if they’re able to get to that point, they have to go through the same gyrations in the other chamber as the clock ticks towards Sine Die.

The budget now goes to the Senate since it has passed out of the House.  I expect a rush towards Sine Die in order to get the budget passed so that legislators can get back home to campaign and fund raise in their newly drawn districts.

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