It’s Official: We Now Have Georgia State Dirt

Well, I’m now glad to know that we have officially defined what Georgia’s state dirt will be. It’s called “Tifton”, but it sounds like it’s going to be mostly found in the southern part of the state. Here’s the description according to the August Chronicle:

Our state dirt is Tifton, defined as “a dark grayish brown loamy sand, made distinctive by the presence of more than 5 percent ironstone nodules in the upper part of the soil and more than 5 percent plinthite in the lower part of the soil.”

Makes me wonder what we call our Georgia red clay in the northern part of the state. Unofficial state dirt?? No word on if this caused any mudslinging between red clay dirt fans and the Tifton soil folks.

Hat Tip to Travis Bowden for posting this on Facebook.


  1. SallyForth says:

    Does this mean my Red Dirt Shirt is now un-Georgian? I never heard of “Tifton dirt”, but everybody knows Georgia red clay is our state’s trademark – especially on our kids’ clothes.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Let me rephrase that for you:

      I wonder which incompetent DIRTBAG wrote this “piece of legislation” (and that’s putting it really, really, REALLY nicely). Because whom ever wrote it, advanced it and voted it should be ASHAMED to even call themselves a state legislator, SERIOUSLY.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Yet ANOTHER example of what our good-for-nothing state legislators are up to.

    Our schools suck, our inadequate road network is gridlocked beyond belief, our reservoirs are almost dry, unemployment is through the roof, a record number of houses are just sitting empty and rotting while the banks that hold the deeds on them go belly up at an alarming rate of close to one every other week, yet our highly esteemed state legislators have somehow arrived at the conclusion that designating and naming an official dirt is one of the state’s top priorities.

    Yes, you read that correctly…As the world burns around them, our legislators decided that having an official dirt was more important than all of those other numerous critically pressing issues that are severe and need of immediate attention. Simply incredible.

    If Mark Twain hadn’t actually written it, I seriously wouldn’t have ever thought that this stuff could even be made up.

    As opposed to even attempting to realistically deal with the state’s numerous problems head on, it seems as if the Georgia General Assembly has sunken even deeper into wallowing in total and complete fantasy as a means of coping with their obvious collective lack of intellectual prowess.

    I don’t know about you, but after hearing this, the state legislature certainly has my support.

  3. NoTeabagging says:

    Hilarity Ensues. Even in these tough economic times we could’nt celebrate our very commercial talc as the official dirt, nor the highly prized Lizella clay – a favorite terra cotta among potters, nor even the lowly chert – something that was an upgrade over a plain ole dirt road and a sign we were nearing the promise of pavement.

    I reckon the folks in Tifton needed something to ‘Tift the scales’ for tourism. Perhaps the Tifton Dirt Queen contest and annual dirt pie bake-off, with the requisite dirt eating contest, will attract more crowds than the ‘Eat Drink and See Mary’ visionfests late of Conyers. I can’t wait to see this on GPB’s ‘Georgia Traveler’ next season. This is innovation at its finest. Just when we thought our General Assembly couldn’t waste time this year on bills concerning microchips in your cooter, or photshopped ‘Pin the body part on a Jackass’ misdemeanor bills, we get pay dirt. How many little (moneyfilled) dirt bags did the Tifton Lobbysist have to hand out to get this bill passed?

    But wait there’s more, an official dirt means we have another exportable ‘branded’ commodity. We can compete with Wal-Mart. We can export dirt like they export jobs. Won’t that help our trade deficit?

  4. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “It’s Official: We Now Have Georgia State Dirt”

    The Georgia General Assembly: As usual, always tackling the tough issues.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Howland Owl peddled boxes of ordinary dirt claiming:
    “DIRT, the housewife’s friend. You can’t do housework without it.”

    Pogo asks: “Is there any kind of agricultural subsidy available in this bill or university grant to study dirt ?”

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