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I took Friday and the weekend off.  Personal & family matters needed attention, and the weather was too nice to be on here anyway – and certainly too nice to be at a County Convention. 

Some of you didn’t get that memo, and I managed to skim through the comments on the Open Thread dedicated to the various convention train wrecks.  Gave me pause to remember the first front page post I ever wrote here.  Four years later, same players, different script.  I’ll have a few more thoughts on that in my column posted today at 1:00.

I’ll be traveling today as well, so I won’t be catching up for the comments for a bit.  Y’all have fun without me, but others are around to moderate as required.  In the mean time, get your week off to a good start.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    “the weather was too nice to be on here anyway – and certainly too nice to be at a County Convention.”

    I hear that. I spent Saturday morning hiking with my dogs at Kennesaw Mountain, and I think it was infinitely more productive than attending the Cobb convention.

  2. Bridget says:

    ?? Are you SURE you weren’t at Cobb yesterday??

    3) The Coup de Gras, however, comes from my own party. The admitted fringe of my party, but Republicans nonetheless. How many posts, and how many days, did we endure the absolute whining that came out of the [County] Republican Convention? And Why? Because the supporters of Ron Paul were upset that they weren’t allowed to attend a convention for free, then weren’t given unlimited time to preach to those who had paid, and though they had significantly less than 50% of the folks in attendance, weren’t allowed to dictate the agenda, delegate selection, or any other matters they felt strongly about.

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