Morning Reads for 3+9=12

Locally: Cobb School Board member Alison Bartlett H-A-T-E-S charter schools.

Not to be out-idioted, DeKalb County School Board is still on AdvancED’s “You’re-accredited-for-now-but-I’ve-got-my-eye-on-you” list; has lost more than $41 million in SPLOST funds; but may still get maps of their new districts and a way to reduce the board from 9 members to 7. And oh yeah, an alleged DeKalb teacher is being investigated for having alleged sex with an alleged 15 year old.

City of Brookhaven is being opposed by somebody named Kevin Hughley, who is President of some fake group and threatening a lawsuit. Hughley clearly hates America.

Augusta has to make a hard decision about whether to outsource the city’s Human Resources functions to ADP, or hire more people in the HR department. Millions of taxpayer dollars are at stake. Also, a prominent Augusta attorney and his ex-wife have both been charged with rape after plying an 18-year-old woman with alcohol and marijuana, then having carnal knowledge of her. Which one of those links do you think will be clicked more?

Georgia-wide: The Senate passed SB 458 this week, a bill that would kick illegal immigrants out of Georgia colleges. In related news, pollster Whit Ayres warned the GOP that it “may shut itself out of the White House for the foreseeable future unless it improves its showing among Latinos and puts forward a message that appeals to this fast-growing voting bloc.” Also related, activist DA King has filed a complaint with the state board that checks up on state and local officials to make sure they are being sufficiently anti-immigrant.

Apparently mistaking the bill for a catfish, State Legislators passed only the bare bones  and gutted most of Governor Deal’s jobs and economic incentives package. Maybe they saw the February revenue numbers, which were up 7%.

Legislative obituaries: The cap on lobbyist gifts to legislators? Dead. Expanding school vouchers? Dead. Allowing third party providers to install solar panels on private property? Dead.

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation says health exchange legislation is also dead, and says: “Good.”

An attempt by State Rep. Mike Jacobs to change the MARTA board by letting Mayors rather than County Commissioners appoint Board members was met with thoughtful, rationale discussions about board governance and representation. Just kidding! It’s being described as RACIST of course by Fulton commissioners Emma Darnell, Bill Edwards and John Eaves, who are experts on racism.

National stuff: Pat Robertson says the “war on drugs” is “baloney,” and that marijuana should be legalized. He’s right, and that may explain a lot of other things Pat has said over the years.

Newt has Secret Service protection now, but even the Secret Service can’t fend off attacks from Romney and Santorum.

Politi-pinion evaluates a pro-Girl Scouts statement made by US Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Guam) and finds it “mostly false.”  (Seriously, Politifact, isn’t there something more important to evaluate?)

OF NOTE: I once had a chance to go to work for Spanx, the Atlanta-based company founded by Sara Blakely that makes shapewear, until they figured out that my knowledge of the problems created by visible panty-lines was, erm, out of sync with their target market. Sara Blakely has just made Forbes billionaire list -and is the youngest person on the list and got there without the aid of a husband or an inheritance. Ms. Blakely is considering taking the company public. Congratulations to her, and chalk up another in a long list of poor career decisions by me.



  1. ricstewart says:

    SB 458 is completely baseless. If the state legislature was a court of law, this bill wouldn’t stand a chance. There hasn’t been any evidence or any credible witness to support the claims that undocumented students are displacing Georgians or using higher education services without paying their fair share. In fact, Chancellor Hank Huckaby and former Chancellor Erroll Davis have both testified to the contrary; they both said that since undocumented students are paying out-of-state tuition, they are actually subsidizing the tuition of Georgia residents.

    Also good to see convicted felon D.A. King is still concerned about “the rule of law.” Too bad he’s not so concerned about the entirely unconstitutional set-up of the Immigration Enforcement Review Board, which allows only registered voters to file complaints and denies citizens their constitutional right to petition their government.

    Speaking of the Immigration Enforcement Review Board, the new budget includes $8,000 to pay for its expenses (and $75,000 to pay for two newly created positions at the Department of Agriculture to cope with the impact of HB 87). But, but, but… they said HB 87 was going to save us money! And that’s why they didn’t need no stinkin’ fiscal note.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      I can’t disagree about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of HB 87 as that bill has several loopholes big enough to guide a cadre of 747’s through.

      As for the pressing need for SB 458, one only need to say one name: JESSICA COLOTI.

      Ms. Coloti is the “undocumented” student who in addition to caught being caught driving with no license, was also caught being permitted to attend Kennesaw State University at in-state tuition rates by a bunch of bleeding-heart administrators.

      What’s even more outrageous is that after being apprehended by campus police and being turned over by Cobb County authorities to the Feds for deportation, Ms. Coloti was RELEASED by the Feds and permitted to resume and “complete” her “education”, albeit at out-of-state tuition rates.

      If the Coloti debacle is not an incident that does not SCREAM for some type of action to be taken by the legislature to prevent the enrollment of illegal aliens and undocumented students within University System of Georgia institutions, I frankly have not the slightest clue what does.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Locally: Cobb School Board member Alison Bartlett H-A-T-E-S charter schools.”

    The way that Ms. Bartlett and the rest of that school board conducts “business” makes it seem that she and her cohorts H-A-T-E regular public schools as well.

    It seems as though that board has seemingly done everything that they can over the last decade to attempt to run what should be one of the best school districts in the nation into the ground.

    Some of the better clusters in that district (i.e., Walton HS, Wheeler HS, Pope HS, Sprayberry HS, etc) don’t succeed because of that school board, but IN SPITE of them.

    If it weren’t for two highly-affluent areas of the county in East Cobb and West Cobb, the Cobb County School District would be on a fast-track to following in the highly-dysfunctional path of a DeKalb or Clayton County.

    • heroV says:

      can you explain or post a link that can provide more information about management of the cobb schools? seriously curious…

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        To explain, in brief summation, some of the ridiculously idiotic controversies that the school board and the district have been involved in over the past decade:

        -The controversy over the proposal for the school district to issue laptops.

        -The controversy over the proposal to place stickers in science books casting doubts over the theory of evolution (not that I don’t have my own issues with the theory of evolution, I just think that it was a waste of taxpayer time and money to step into a full-fledged controversy that would cast the school district in a very negative national light).

        -The controversy over the proposal to put costly GPS devices on each of the district’s school buses.
        -Ongoing issues regarding the questionable management of the district’s transportation department as it relates to the poor treatment of bus drivers and sometimes spotty upkeep of mechanical maintenance of school buses, the reported retribution against employees who have brought these issues to light and the resulting inability of the district to retain bus drivers and transportation personnel even in a very poor economic environment where jobs are far and few between and turnover is very low elsewhere.

        -The school board’s tendency to often make very important (and costly) decisions behind closed doors with little or no public input (see recent controversies with report cards and the seemingly endless and continuing most ridiculously idiotic controversy of all regarding the district calender, i.e. the board’s inability to agree on whether to adhere to a balanced/year-round-type calender or a balanced calender) and their continuing penchant to hold closed-door meetings, often times at district headquarters on Glover Street despite widespread criticism.

        -The board’s recent hiring of a new superintendent from Texas who had his own “issues” with questionable management practices as superintendent of Dallas schools (Dr. Michael Hinojosa), who is actually doing okay in that he hasn’t done anything really disasterous and/or super costly….so far….

  3. elfiii says:

    Way, Way, Way back in time (the 1960’s) the DeKalb County School system was Number 1 in the nation.

    I guess “New Math” turned out to be less than it was cracked up to be.

    R.I.P. Jim Cherry. We hardly knew ye.

  4. wicker says:

    “An attempt by State Rep. Mike Jacobs to change the MARTA board by letting Mayors rather than County Commissioners appoint Board members was met with thoughtful, rationale discussions about board governance and representation. Just kidding!”

    While I do not agree with the response of Darnell, Edwards and Eaves, none of the many attempts to hand control of vital Atlanta institutions to the “we hate Atlanta” crowd deserve thoughtful, rational discussions to begin with. These are just folks furious that they do not have political control over the only city in this state that practically anyone in the other 49 states have heard of or care about, and rather than working towards moving the state forward, they keep proposing nonsense like this. Whether it is MARTA, trying to get control of Hartsfield, or trying to force Atlanta into consolidation with Fulton, these folks just won’t rest.

    These folks should just leave Atlanta alone and work on earning distinction for their own suburban/exurban playgrounds. And good luck with that. If they weren’t able to do that during the boom era when the northern suburbs were flush with capital, innovators, excellent leaders and were among the fastest growing areas in the country, it isn’t going to happen now. (Yes, the recession will still end, but the 80s and 90s aren’t going to come back, because the companies that made those decades what they were have either gone bust or been bought out by out of state conglomerates.) With all the problems that the suburbs have of their own – and yes there are plenty – they need to focus on those and leave the city alone.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Good news –
    From an earlier hoo-rah on rifle supressors – 50 caliber sniper rifle –
    on Sons of Guns – Discovery Channel – 2012 show on Red Jacket project

    118 decibels surpressed
    137 not surpressed

    their conclusion was it was very successful and a remarkable reduction

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