I-3 Gets Nixed For Now

The proposed interstate highway, I-3, that would link Knoxville, TN to Savannah has reached a dead-end according to an editorial in the Savannah Morning News:

The 435-mile interstate route would be projected to cost $4.8 billion. That’s a huge number compared to the proposed $600 million Savannah harbor deepening project, which has a higher priority.

Don Grantham, the Georgia Department of Transportation board member for the 10th Congressional District, agreed that I-3 is not feasible. “The conceptual idea might be great, but I don’t think the funding is there,” he said.

He’s probably right. And compared to port deepening, this highway isn’t as critical.

Maybe there will be a highway connecting Knoxville and Savannah at some point, but it probably won’t be any time soon.


    • Max Power says:

      Actually it doesn’t make sense to spend millions if not a billion to save 30 miles off the existing route between Savannah and Knoxville.

  1. Joshua Morris says:

    It would make sense to me that we would focus our resources instead on improving the route from Macon to Columbus/Eastern Alabama.

    • Charlie says:

      The way to make this politically more acceptable may also include an olive branch to South Carolina over the port issue. The route as currently proposed is from Augusta to Macon to Columbus to Montgomery and beyond. If there as a direct Augusta to Charleston leg, it could greatly improve westbound freight traffic coming out of the port of Charleston as well.

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