Forensic Audits For (Some) City Contractors

Local legislation doesn’t usually receive a lot of attention, and a bill introduced Wednesday by the Augusta delegation will likely not get a lot of media attention.  Walter Jones, however, was kind enough to publicize the efforts of Augusta area Democrats Quincy Murphy, Gloria Frazier, Earnest Smith, and Wayne Howard to require city contractors to submit to forensic audits every four years.  Well, some city contractors.

The bill applies to companies with contracts of $500,000 or more. Murphy said it  wasn’t designed to include vendors like Georgia Power Co. or AT&T but rather  firms that provide public services on behalf of the city. Examples he offered  include the companies that manage the golf courses, the water system and the bus  line.

Never forget when trying to get a bill passed in the Georgia General Assembly.  Some “Good Corporate Citizens” are more equal than others.

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