A Few Senate Bills To Ponder This Crossover Day

Happy Crossover Day!  You’ll probably be seeing a number of posts today about various bills that are sprinting to the legislative deadline before being considered legislatively DOA.  Browsing through a few of the bills on the Senate rules calendar, here are a few that piqued my interest:

  • SB 292 – Requirement of Drug Testing When Receiving Public Assistance (There’s a similar one to this in the House)
  • SB 460 – Allowance for religious institutions to be exempt from having to provide contraceptive coverage in a health benefit policy
  • SB 469 – Prohibition of mass picketing at private residences
  • SB 468 – “The Bicycle Bill” that would make bicyclists not impede flowing traffic on two lane highways.  (Queen’s “Bicycle Race” just popped into my head…I hope it did yours….you’re welcome)

That’s all for now, but I’ll go back through the rules calendar and take a gander at a few more bills and post them here in an update.  Feel free to discuss Crossover Day in the comments below.


Here is the link to the Senate’s Rules Calendar for Legislative Day 30, and here’s the one for the House’s Rules Calendar.  Also, you can watch the live broadcast of the House or the Senate.

::UPDATE 2:: (11:13a)

The House has just resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House in order to discuss the FY 2013 budget HB 742.


  1. Jackster says:

    So, from my vantage point here, only SB 292 seems like it is actually useful.

    SB 460 – Wedge Social Issue – Make the lobbyists happy, get some evangelical cred.

    SB 469 – Not sure if this is get off my lawn or not, but I’ve got a bumper on the front of my car for a reason. The sign in my yard will say, “Mind the bumper”

    SB 468 – Since I prefer to ride my bike one abreast, and look like an elephant riding a unicycle, I found this link saying it was dead for the session: http://www.atlantabike.org/node/2127

  2. I Miss the 90s says:

    Oh yeah, SB 292 is great. The children of drug users deserve to starve to death…that is the American way. Forget equality of opportunity and the American dream. If you were accidentally born to an indigent drug addict, you do not deserve a chance.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      To be honest, if someone on welfare is a drug addict and has small children, then those children should be taken out of that home. In essence if this law leads to that and the child is placed in a better home while the parent is “cleaned” up, then we are a better society for it. I never understand this defending of drug addicts getting welfare in order to keep their children from starving. If they cared at all about their children, then they wouldn’t be drug addicts in the first place.

  3. Three Jack says:

    Missing from the crossover bills, anything that actually enhances Georgia’s economy, improves traffic flow or reforms education and the tax code. Thanks GOP, it’s been a joy watching you folks obfuscate instead of legislate….again.

      • I Miss the 90s says:

        So…this begs the question. Why are you still GOPers?

        The legislators in the Gold Dome, and more importantly their consultants, know that they can get away with quite a bit…b/c you people are so blinded by hate and ideology that you will not consider voting for anything other than the (R) candidate and fall for their rhetoric (by the way, another 216,000 private sector jobs were added in February…I guess that is the result of the job killing agenda of the Obama admin and his failed policies).

        If you are unhappy with the GA Legislature, blame yourself. You, the GOP voters, are the ones that elected these people. You are the ones that support a campaign finance system designed to make politicians accountable to fundraisers rather than voters. You are the ones that fall for their rhetoric. But, I really do not blame the individual voter…just the aggregate. This is what happens when you vote negatively. You do not really support the candidates you vote for, you want the (D) to lose more than having a responsive representative.

        Despite all I have just said, the one absolute Truth that can be taken away from the past several years of state legislating: any and all blame on legislative outcomes, or the lack thereof, rests solely on the shoulders of the GA GOP.

        • Jackster says:

          I’m not sure how to reply to that rant, since it’s mostly rhetorical.

          But I’ll say this: I”m not a GOP-er… I don’t give $$ to the GOP.

          Imagine how hard it is to support a candidate or an idea when it’s tied to a particular party. How do you separate them?

          And, I can’t blame myself for the GA legislature – I have NO control over them, and quite frankily, you don’t have any control of your D’s either.

          • I Miss the 90s says:

            I only have one rhetorical line in my post, I suggest you look up the definition of the word rhetorical.

            1) One does not need to donate to a party to be a partisan. The important donors are not partisans, they are investors that need access to the office that the candidate is running for.
            2) It is difficult to separate candidates from parties, but not to separate parties from their ideas,..in general. Party platforms and priorities are publicly stated. In GA, GOP candidate sign loyalty oaths to run…so one could argue that in this state candidates, parties, and their ideas are the same. This is obviously not true, but important nonetheless (because it shows how little the voter’s matter in this state). Candidates have ideas, which are not necessarily platform items, that they state publicly. That aside, and in general, people do not choose the position they hold on an issue in a vacuum nor do they know all the issues that can/will be brought up. They take cues from their political and tend to follow whatever their party does…because it is a part of their identity and engaging in a fact finding mission to form a logical and coherent opinion is cognitively tasking and very time consuming (after all, most of you do not work in politics).
            3) You might not be worthy of blame. As I stated in the previous post, I do not blame any one person. I cast a wide net in this regard. I can narrow it: If you were unhappy with the last legislature, live in a GOP district, and voted to reelect your legislator…you are to blame. Same goes for this next election. We all have some control over our legislators. We can not force action, but we have democratic institutions and practices by which we can hold them accountable if one is so inclined.
            4) I do not vote for most of the down ballot races. If I can not vote FOR a candidate, I abstain from voting for that office. In 2008, I voted FOR Obama…not AGAINST McCain. In 2010 I voted FOR Nathan Deal, not against Roy Barnes. Unfortunately that was the only thing I voted for in 2010 because all local offices were uncontested and I can not vote FOR a candidate I disapprove of.

            In November, tens of thousands of GA voters will cast ballots in favor of Mitt Romney, but not FOR Mitt Romney. This is a problem for the Tea Party as Tea Partiers will cast their ballots in favor of Romney, but AGAINST Obama.

            This is your government…and mine, and everyone else’s. Casting an insincere, but strategic, ballot undermines our democratic republic. Rather than having a “government of the People, by the People, and for the People,” when a critical mass of citizens cast their ballots insincerely you still get a government of the people and by the people, but it is a government for somebody else…namely the aristocracy (and do not pretend for a minute that we do not have an aristocratic element in the US). This idea was something that I originally liked about a few of the Tea Party organizations…for the first week or two before the world found out it was just another astro-turf campaign funded by billionaires.

            By voting strategically, you are tacitly ceding your power as a citizen to the king makers of the your respected party.

            • CobbGOPer says:

              Um, I’m not a GOPer anymore. I’m just too lazy to change my screen alias. But please don’t go on about how things are or would be different under Democrats, they’re just the other side of the same coin. What’s happening in Georgia right now is simply a continuation of the one-party rule we had under the Democrats, just by a different name. In the end all they want is for us to shut up, hand over our money, and do what they tell us.

              If you think this is the “people’s government” then you don’t spend enough time watching the lobby weasels at the Gold Dome. Georgia Power just told us as citizens that we have no right to seek alternatives to buying electricity from them. And they’ll spend more money than all of us citizens combined in order to keep in office the politicians who gave them that ability and monopoly.

              Until the money is cleaned up, the ballot box is irrelevant.

            • Three Jack says:


              Absolutely agree…it is the fault of those like myself who spent many days helping to elect the folks now working under the Gold Dome. But it is not just the Rs that are screwed up. Your Ds had quite a run for over 100 years in GA, 40+ years on the federal level. We’re still paying for their nanny state policies that will eventually bankrupt this state and country if not addressed.

              The biggest difference is the Rs ran on push card promises to reduce the size and scope of government, reform the tax system and fix our failed education system. Ds promised to be the big nanny for all who are too irresponsible to take care of themselves and did just that. So at least your party fulfills its push card promises albeit to the detriment of the free enterprise system.

              • I Miss the 90s says:

                three jack

                Since you missed the past 40 years let me update you on something. Former GA democrats are not modern democrats. They were racist conservatives. I am a liberal so do not go lumping me in with people on your side of the spectrum.

                The democratic party did have a great record for those 40 years. We do not have a nanny state and that was never promised. The nanny state rhetoric is for morons that need to feel better about not making it into the upper class. You are right though, homeless vets do deserve to live in the streets begging for food. All that drug addiction and PTSD stuff is crap made up by liberal doctors and academics.

                Free enterprise system? Where was that in the constitution?

                You know what you problem is 3 Jack? You believe too much. Rather than simply question that with which you disagree, perhaps you should just start questioning everything. That would make you special.

    • cheapseats says:

      Three Jack is holding 4-of-a-kind! x1000000!

      But, if I had been smart or quick enough to say it first, I would have left out the GOP part or substituted Gen. Ass. for it. Look back over the past 20+ years and tell me if you can see any reason we have a House or Senate that might even remotely justify what they cost the citizens of Georgia to operate. Completely useless and unjustifiably expensive. Put a referendum on the ballot to disband the whole notion of the Gen. Ass. and it would be very popular.
      Democrats=Republicans=freeloading bums that refuse to do an honest day’s work. Good riddance!

  4. Jackster says:

    If you were accidentally born to an indigent drug addict, you do not deserve a chance.

    So, two things: 1) So you have much of a chance now?

    2) Thanks for setting the bar on drug usage.

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      1) Never said you did, but the opportunity is what is important…not the probability of an outcome.

      2) I assume the bar being set was because I used the phrase “drug addict.” I could be wrong, but I did use that phrase specifically. Most illicit drugs are out of your system in 2 or 3 days unless you use said drugs regularly/habitually. The recreational user can just not get high for a few days before their drug test…so such a policy really would not matter to recreational drug using population as they will get their assistance regardless of the policy enactment.

      As the bill is written, it is obviously just another conservative race baiting tactic (conservatives did this in 2006 with immigration…which had not been an issue since Reagan declared amnesty, but Iraq was such a liability across the ideological spectrum that a diversion was needed). Realistically, the drug tests will have to be somewhat random, but if a recipient appears to be under the influence or in withdraw the agency should have the discretion to administer a drug test. If a person tests positive they should have their portion of the assistance removed, but not their child’s. Those testing positive for drug use should be required to successfully complete a drug abuse counseling course/rehab before becoming eligible for benefits again.

      As it stands, none of this is the case and the policy will cost GA taxpayers about $15-20 per assistance recipient.

  5. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I like it when Representatives decide that whatever annoys them personally should be a law. Bicycles two abreast? Get rid of them. Hipsters in tents? Illegal! My wife didn’t make me dinner? JAIL TIME!

    • saltycracker says:

      A typical highway lane is 10′ to 12′.
      It is illegal to cross a solid line.
      It is illegal not to allow 3′ between car and bike when passing.
      Absent a bike lane, no passing allowed in those situations.

      How ’bout we put a minimum speed on numbered highways absent bike lanes or require bikes to get off the no passing road areas when cars are present ?

      One law begets another is our process.

  6. John Konop says:

    ………SB 460 – Allowance for religious institutions to be exempt from having to provide contraceptive coverage in a health benefit policy………..

    Can we add to the bill, that anyone in congress that voted for this bill, pay for any additional cost for people that end up on welfare, prison, court system………..? The insurance companies are smart enough to pick up the cost for free contraception, because they understand basic math.

  7. oldman45 says:

    Mouthofthesouth, Its not what annoys the Representative, it’s what annoys their largest contributors! It always blows my mind to see what these Reps and senators file. They talk about less government but will file hundreds and thousands of bills!

  8. you says:

    Can someone tell me what gun bills have made it to crossover? I have been too busy with work to keep up with anything. Thanks

  9. Calypso says:

    “A Few Senate Bills To Ponder This Crossover Day”

    Nathan, I think your headline should read, “A Few Senate Bills To Pander This Crossover Day”

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